Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Shows, crochet and quirky kids

If I thought Sunday sucked well Monday decided it wanted too as well.  It is really turning into one of those weeks here.  For example it turns out every email I have sent in the last few weeks actually has not been sent at all.  Yep awesomeness at its best.

A big Thanks to Mums Take Five who answered my call out for #ibot topics for today.  As after I stuffed around figuring out what was going on I had fried my brain and had nothing left to use for writing the amazing post I had wanted too!!

Are musicals making a come back?

Did musicals ever go away??  Personally I love a musical.  Last one I saw in a theatre was Mary Poppins.  I also love to watch musical movies like Grease.  

The stats I read about Broadway musicals is incredible.  Last year 12.21 million people went to a Broadway show and they raked in $1.27 billion.  Amazing.  I would love to know how Australia compares.  Seeing more shows will be on my list when the kids are older and can come too or when getting a baby sitter isn't such a dilemma.  For all the Frozen fans apparently there will be a stage musical at some stage.

Do you have to crochet to be cool?

Apparently yes!!  Which makes me mega uncool as I cannot even sew a button on!!  I can do basic knitting but really need some help.  I should look into getting lessons as I need someone to actually show me how to do stuff and not just read it in a book or on a tube tutorial.  

Coolness is overrated anyway!!

How to get kids to clean their room?

Yep will leave this one well alone!!  The 2 big boys share a room.  The idea is that their bedroom is just for sleeping and not for playing.  Uh huh.  Thats working out great.  Sarcasm people sarcasm.  

They drive me nuts.  Example- The 3 year old will only wear clothes with a 3 on the tag.  Not a 4 and definitely not a 2.  We all know how dodgy the sizing is in clothes but a 3 year year old does not get it!!  He also has very specific clothing he likes to wear and he will pull apart his drawers looking for one tshirt..  He gets so cranky if what he wants is in the wash!!  I shouldn't laugh but I find it funny (most days!!)  Some days I could bang my head against a brick wall and it would be less painful than trying to get him ready!!  Needless to say I send them in to get dressed and their room is trashed.  

Would you ever go on a reality tv show?

No probably not!!  I used to like watching them but now they just annoy me!!  I used to like Wife Swap and Extreme Makeover but they don't seem to be on anymore.  I also love the American version of Biggest Loser with Bob and Jillian which I sometimes see at 2am!!    I have been watching The Voice but it isn't doing a lot for me!!

So there we have it, an actual written #ibot with only one you tube clip, must be some kind of miracle!!  Linking up with Essentially Jess.


  1. I've been crocheting a granny rug for my friend for the last week or so. Who'd have thought that that would have made me cool? Certainly not any of my kids.

  2. How I would love to be cool! I don't think crocheting would do it though, but then again I have never tried.
    Izzy cleans her room by shoving everything on the floor in the corner which isn't visible from the door. Genius?

  3. Sewing def not my strong point! So not very cool Im afraid. As for getting kids to clean up room, the only threat I have that works at the moment is "I will throw out your footy jumper if I find it on the floor again and therefore you won't be playing footy this week!" And no I don't think Id go on a reality tv show. I don't have enough talent for a Voice type show and anything else would probably mean a major embarrassment for my kids….mmm, another threat to get them to clean up!

  4. Gosh, I crochet but thought it made me the very opposite of cool! I've also seen Mary Poppins and I absolutely loved it!! The last show we saw was The Addams Family when my husband I were in New York a few years ago… the show was average, but the fact we were seeing a show 'on Broadway' made up for it! I hope your week improves x

  5. My Mr 5 went through a stage of wanting a specific piece of clothing. I just started letting him wear it, even if it was filthy. It was the easier option! I think Mary Poppins was the last musical I saw too, and I loved it! Would love to go see another one. -Aroha (for #teamIBOT)

  6. I love musicals! I love the influx of musical episodes on TV shows that have popped up the last few years.
    Also I don't crochet, but I do knit a little. Also only what I have learnt off the internet and you tube. We could teach each other how to not really do it!

  7. Ha ha you answered them all ! Well done! Made my day :)
    no help on the room cleaning situation though ...... i have cancelled birthdays for later this month already. My eldest did that number tag thing - one day i just went through with a laundry marker and changed the sizes on his clothes - solved ! xx

  8. I am completely inept when it comes to all things crafty. My Mum is great at most of it though. She used to do brilliant painting on hat boxes and stuff like that when I was little. It seems she didn't pass on that particular gene though.

  9. You know I must be getting old. I have this yearning to take up knitting. I hate knitting ! Maybe I should try crochet. I can totally relate to the fussy three year old and the right t-shirt great patience is required while getting ready for work.


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