Monday, 16 June 2014

a-z of me

  • aries
  • bitch
  • charming
  • drama queen
  • empathetic
  • fortunate
  • grumpy
  • happy
  • ideas
  • joking
  • karma
  • loyal
  • music lover
  • not
  • open
  • pet lover
  • quiz
  • reader
  • sarcastic
  • tick
  • unco
  • valid
  • weird
  • xray
  • ying yang
  • zephyr
Linking up my a-z with My Home Truths with the prompt this week for I Must Confess being the a-z of you and One Mother Hen for #openslather


  1. Your list made me giggle. Unco! Haven't heard that word in years!!!

  2. Nope, sorry can't agree with B!! Love your list hun :)

  3. UNCO! Can I put that for every single letter? I'm waiting for someone to put dyslexic for X...

  4. Oh, I can't imagine you being a drama queen! :) I would have said darling ha ha

  5. I'm with you on F, H, I, J, L, P, R, U and W!

  6. I'm a music lover too and completely unco - happy to know I'm not the only one! Thanks for joining in Ann x

  7. Love it! Without your sarcasm I wouldn't have such lovely posts like the ones about vjazzling!

  8. Yes to most of those, bitch, grumpy, unco, fortunate, open!!! Great way to do the list. xx

  9. Haha yep I'm a few of those things too!!! Love this idea for a blog post! xx Lucy from Bake Play Smile

  10. I wasn't exactly sure how to approach the A-Z of me. I'm rather late coming to the I must confess party after a weekend completely internet free. I did attempt to get online yesterday but rather enjoying how productive I am when I limit my online time at the moment.

  11. not what? :) Very succinct Anne, well done!!

  12. You are indeed, a very charming bitch. Love it! xo

  13. Good work !! A great way to do an A-Z when you don't have much time !!


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