Thursday, 13 June 2013

My unofficial VIVID review

Yesterdays Wordless Wednesday was some pics I took on Saturday night when we ventured out of our one horse town and braved the big city streets for the Vivid Sydney festival. 

I am so glad we did.  What we saw was absolutely amazing and the atmosphere in the city was fantastic.  I really wish we could have seen more. 

I am so excited to go again next year although I will be way more prepared.  Here are a few handy hints I learnt from this year not only for VIVID  but for any time I leave the house really!! 
  • Pack food- I was making the most of not having to take mountains of bags of crap with me and also assumed there would be heaps of food available to buy.  There was once we got to The Rocks but by the time we got there the kids were starved.  Thank goodness a couple of enterprising people had set up a makeshift sausage sizzle on the side of the road!! 
  • Know where you are going- We wanted to catch the ferry from Darling Harbour around to Circular Quay but by the time we worked out where the ferry left from it was just easier to walk around.  Although a few signs around the place would have been helpful.  It is an easy flat walk but with 2 kids who will be walking next year its a long way for little legs!!
  • Take the bloody map- I neglected to pack the map of all the attractions which would have made life a lot easier!!  Apparently there is a free app which would have been handy to know about before we left as a gazillion people all trying to access the internet made it impossible to get on the website once we were in there.
  • There are a few other handy little things I will take advantage of next year like being able to book cheap parking close to the venues.  By the time I realised this all the booked spots were gone.
  • We will get in there a lot earlier next year before it gets too chaotic.
Hopefully the organisers have learnt a little from this year and will have things like more ferries running and maybe a couple of signposts around!!

Bring on next year!!

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  1. I love vivid - we eat before we go, then arrive at 6...I don't get that anyone in Sydney doesn't go. It's brilliant and free. I have a friend who lives round the corner and has never been. This I don't understand. We are about 5 minutes from the city...

  2. I so wanted to get in and see the lights but it just wasn't going to happen, too much on at the moment. Next year though I definitely want to make an effort to get in and have a look. We will be in the city in July to see Giggle and Hoot at the Opera House though so I'll get my city fix then I guess, just without as many awesome lights! Hopefully all the steps will help bring on labour too!

  3. Great tips Ann. Whenever I leave the house with the boys I pretty much have 3 rules. 1. take food 2. take water bottles 3.take more food.

  4. Oh that certainly does look amazing. I'm such a wus. I always avoid doing things like this with my boys. Oh well, maybe next year. Great tips, too. xo

  5. Ok, I am petitioning the Perth city to get something like this for us!! How fantastic..looks like so much fun

  6. Maybe I need to put this on my list of things to do next year and make a weekend of it down there !
    Have the best day !

  7. Wow! I should have dragged my bum out to see it, incredible! Thanks for sharing x

  8. I always forget to take food with us and then we spend a fortune on food at the event. I wish we had something as awesome as this near us. I have been loving the photos on twitter over the last couple of weeks.

  9. I'm big on taking my own food or at least snacks. I really wanted to see Vivid this year but it just didn't happen. There's always next year. LOL at packing the map... Sounds familiar!

  10. Food does add so much to the cost of an outing doesn't it? If possible I try to feed mine before hand or at least keep a couple of muesli bars in my bag to tide them over. Looks like a wonderful event - well worth suffering a few inconveniences for!

    Thanks for linking up Ann :) Rachel - The Lounge x


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