Friday, 7 June 2013

FFS Friday- Simples

If  I see these commercials again I will throw the tv out of the window.  FFS

All day long my children walk around quoting this stupid ad.  FFS

If they hear it and they are in bed they get up and come running.  FFS

It is doing my head in.  FFS

In other news hello bloody painful night leg cramps and 68  trips a night to the toilet.  FFS

Last weeks gestational diabetes group meeting was long and slow.  FFS

I did however take some useful info away from it although my body just is not playing ball.  FFS

I sense a fight today when I explain what I think my diet should be for the next few weeks to avoid going on to insulin.  FFS

In the last week I have forgotton to check my sugar levels more times than I have remembered.  FFS

It seriously is so time consuming.  FFS

We are going to try again this week to head into the big smoke for the Vivid festival seeing as how it did nothing but pour with rain all last weekend.  FFS

That about wraps it up this week.  Except it is the Queens birthday long weekend here and I feel it should be moved to July to space the long weekends out also can someone explain to me why school holidays are in a couple of weeks?  Did we not just have 2 weeks of school holidays about a month ago.  FFS

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  1. You are having a week, dear! Sending big hugs across the ocean...

  2. Feel your pain on the GD front. it sucks big hairy balls. I was rubbish at checking my sugars as well - I made them up half the time. Hope you can avoid insulin - that would be a REAL pain in the arse FFS!! Rach x


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