Saturday, 22 June 2013

Bloggers Boogie- embarrassing songs part 1!!

Bloggers Boogie is back which is great news as one of my fave things to do is to sit around finding songs on the tube and getting massively distracted jumping from  one artist to the next!! Then realising you have been on the computer for an hour and its dinner time!!  Whoops!!

I love what Little White Dove chose as her 5 songs for last week, embarrassing 90's songs!!  This week I decided to share just a small sample of my embarrassing favourites!!  Trust me there are heaps more where these little gems came from!! 

Linking up some songs with great memories attached but in reality really are embarrassing with Little White Dove for Bloggers Boogey.


  1. OMG I LOVED THOSE SONGS!!!! What a blast from the past!! :) Now I feel the urge to go dance like Atomic Kitten around the house and embarrass my tween!

  2. WOW - thanks for the memories !!!! It's been ages since I have heard any of those. I suppose I probably could sit for hours looking for old songs on you tube but I would rather read !!!!!
    Have the best Sunday !

  3. Ah, the 90s were a golden age for pop music, were they not? Now I'm thinking I need to dig out my Steps CD to get me through the housework today.


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