Monday, 17 June 2013

Things I know- Gestational Diabetes for dummys

I was whinging a couple of weeks ago about having to go to a group diabetes session and while it was for the most part boring I did take away some valuable information.  Everything was explained so simply and I am very happy to say I am at the moment diet controlled, no insulin required at this stage.  I have figured out what works for me and the dietician was happy for me to continue with my made up meal plan.  I wish I had known this info first time around as I may have avoided insulin then.  Things have changed a great deal in 2 years though.
So here is the simple info as explained to me for gestational diabetes-
  • Eat 6 times a day
  • Eat 1-2 serves/exchanges of carbs per meal.  An exchange is the technical term for a serve!!
  • A serve/exchange is 15 grams of carbs.  For this diet it is purely looking at the total carbs and not the sugars etc. 
After a week of trial and error I have worked out what works for me so a sample day at the moment looks something like this
  • Breakfast- up and go energise (not the normal one) plus my 2 daily coffees
  • Morning tea- cup of tea and 1 serve of fruit usually a small apple or a yoghurt.  If I am out I have one of the kids muesli bars.
  • Lunch- Leftover dinner+1 slice of bread
  • Afternoon tea- fruit or apple and berry slice.  Although since I started having a big lunch I generally skip afternoon tea as I am full
  • Dinner- Meat and "free" vegies + 1 slice of bread
  • Supper- a diet choc mousse, or aple and berry slice.
At the moment my body cannot tolerate 2 serves of carbs or even 1 serve of potato, sweet potato, corn or pasta.  Dinners are usually meat eg corned beef or bolognaise with mashed pumpkin, mashed swede, carrots, brocoli, cauliflower etc.  All of those are "free veg" and I can eat as much of them as I like.  The only "free" fruit I can have is strawberries which I have found cheaply at our fruit shop. 

Without looking at anything else this sample has 13g carbs which is basically 1 serve.  It means technically I could have 2 of whatever it is. 

So while it sucks and I cannot wait to go back to eating normally life isn't too bad at the moment.  I was cheering when I got told I could drop down to testing blood sugar levels every second day and my next appointment will be in a couple of weeks time.

Pop back tomorrow as I will have the recipe for the Apple and Raspberry Slice up.  I need to get a photo before it all gets eaten again!!

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  1. Good on you for looking at it so positively. I had gestational diabetes in my pregnancies and while it was difficult, I can safely say from experience that managing it is better than not! (Not my fault though - I wasn't diagnosed the first time!) You can search my blog for posts on it if you're interested :-)

  2. I had GD in my last pregnancy and part of me wishes I had managed to maintain that way of eating after birth. While I was quite negative about it to start with after the first week I started to notice a huge difference in the way I felt. Hope the rest of the pregnancy is a breeze for you

  3. Good for you for being so up beat about something that could be a real pain in the jack. I have just got off the phone with our dr about the result from A's glucose test on Saturday - things are not looking good for him :( He has to go and see him as soon as he gets back from Townsville regarding moving forward.
    Have the best day and take care !

  4. I had GD, I actually lost weight after I started eating like a diabetic towards the end of my pregnancy! Seems like you are managing it very well, I had to prick and test up until the end. It's all for the best for you and bub. The slice sounds very nice :)

  5. All the pricking and testing does not sound like fun at all - sending my thoughts your way.

  6. Wow Ann I don't know how you cope with a strict diet. I was always sooo hungry when I was pregnant, I ate like a horse!

    Good on your for sticking to it. Your body and bubs are very grateful I bet!



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