Friday, 21 June 2013

Things I Know- Not a bad week

Despite my rant yesterday plus some other minor things I forgot, like deleting Tuesdays ibot post and having to rewrite it, it has not been a bad week around here.

On Saturday the HOTH took the kids out for the afternoon and was gone for ages.  He came home with 2 tired boys who went to bed at 5;55 and 6;10pm and slept for 13 hours.  I did question whether he had drugged them but it turns out they had been bouncing on their cousins trampoline for ages!!  Guess what they are getting for Christmas!!  (Yes I said Christmas even though at this time of year ie 6 months out the sheer mention of it turns me into a ranting lunatic!!)

On Sunday we basically got up out of bed and went out for breakfast to our fave spot.  It has a park attached to it which I take the kids too sometimes and it was nice for the 4 year old to be able to show off his spiderman like climbing skills to Daddy.  I got a couple of awesome pics (just need to pop them on the computer!!)

Look at me so clever with my phone and the blogger app!!  I instagrammed this on Sunday!! 

On Monday the 2 1/2 year old moved up a swimming class into the big kids class where he will swim all by himself meaning I no longer (for a little while) have to get in the pool and risk Greenpeace being called!!  The downside of this is now I have to make 2 trips to swimming every week as there was not a spot for him on a Monday when the other one goes.  Thats fine just means being seriously organised especially when it is time to do it with a new baby in tow!!  Hopefully a spot on a Monday opens up sooner rather than later.

The rest of the week has been spent cleaning and sorting the bedrooms and toyroom.  I thought I would get more done than what I did however I am stoked with this weeks progress.  Goals kicked for sure!!  I had my little helper helping me on Wednesday and Thursday so we moved at toddler speed eg when he helps me unpack the dishwasher he hands me things one at a time including the cutlery and I am not allowed to get anything out myself!!  The cuteness of that totally out weighs the frustration!!  It also means I should unpack the dishwasher before he gets up!!

I also started packing my bag for the hospital!!  Which has included the awesome gender neutral blanket from the lovely Me!!

Today (Friday) we are off for the 34 week scan which I have been so excited about as I have never had one so late in pregnancy before.  Apparently it is standard now?  We are all busting to see Jellybean on the big screen for one last time before we actually meet him/her and we also want to see if it has its fingers in its ears blocking out the noise from our insane family!!  He/she needs to stay put for 3 more weeks though!!

And that is it.  We are off to a birthday party tomorrow then a quiet rest of the weekend!! 

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  1. Sleeps like that after exercise are the bomb aren't they ??
    How cute is he ? Good work on the photo and getting it instagrammed !!
    I won't be telling K about how your toddler helps unpack the dishwasher - she may want me to help her !!!
    I hope you can't see the sex on the scan 'cos I know you don't want to know - I guess learning to put your fingers in your ears is better than sticking them up your nose so it may not be a bad thing to be doing !!!!
    Have the BEST weekend and take care !

  2. I need to get another trampoline.

    Seriously I could do with them sleeping that long! lol

    Around 34 weeks was my fave part of pregnancy. I always felt like a whale by then lol but it was still the best time for me. Enjoy seeing bubby again on your last scan!

    MC x

  3. Hmm trampoline you say.
    I have one 14ft trampoline in our backyard going to waste!
    Dear old Santa must be so disappointed in the use it doesn't get these days.
    34 weeks? Gee!
    I loved being pregnant and do miss the feeling of being huge and feeling like I am being kicked from all directions.
    Enjoy your scan!


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