Friday, 14 June 2013

FFS Friday- The walk of shame

Yesterday I did the walk of shame back to our local supermarket after accidentally walking out with 4 litres of milk in the bottom of the pram.  FFS

I blame baby brain for this little indescretion.  FFS

At least I fessed up and paid for it.  FFS

Pregnancy is turning me into a kleptomaniac.  FFS

In other pregnancy news I have been unable to sit down for a week or sleep properly thanks to extremely painful hips.  FFS

Jellybean better be the cutest baby ever and make tonnes of money for me after the rough trot this last 33 weeks has been!!  FFS  Just joking!!

Also I have a 2 year old with a baby in his tummy and a 4 year old telling people the baby is going to pop out in a couple of weeks after we see it on tv again.  FFS

The stuff kids say is priceless although it really isn't funny when they try to lift your shirt up in public to show people/random strangers the baby in the tummy.  FFS

One last pregnancy thing is that if I wasn't so busy stealing milk from the supermarket I would start a petition banning all of those bloody birthing shows from tv for the next few weeks.  FFS

Thanks to a late night partying 2 year old I was stuck watching one on Tuesday night and then had dreams of emergency c sections and 3 day labours.  FFS

We made it to VIVD, it was awesome.  Not FFS

People watching galore took place.  Once again I was surprised by certain peoples stupidity.  For example the large number of people who thought it was ok to set their camera up on the footpath with a tripod.  Are you serious.  FFS

I wish I had taken photos of that.  FFS

Thats it for me and my whinging!!  Baby brain is in full swing and I am lucky to remember what day of the week it is let alone what happened in the week.  FFS

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  1. I had that hip thing when I was pregnant. No fun, dear Ann. I lol'd about pregnancy turning you into a klepto, though. I've done the same thing in the stroller, and I'm not pregnant. What's my damn excuse. Oh, right...toddler brain!

  2. LOL - I've done the klepto thing as well without a pram or a baby brain - really can't think what to blame it on !!! Am racking my brain trying to think what exactly it was and how I did it but I'm buggered if I can remember - just believe me that it did happen without the pram or the baby brain !
    I suppose I should be thankful that I don't have anyone pulling up my shirt telling people there is a baby in there when, although it clearly looks like there should be, there isn't !!
    Have the best weekend - so glad you enjoyed VIVID - sounds like it was great fun. I totally get you about people and their tripods and I don't get them thinking it's OK to block everyone's path just because they want a great shot !

  3. Lol, pregnancy brain is dangerous isn't it? At least you realised and were honest about it, which I'm sure the supermarket appreciated.

    Chai loves to pull up my shirt to show people the bubba, always at the most inappropriate time too.


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