Monday, 24 June 2013

I must confess- Bad Habits

Despite what you and I may think I actually am not perfect.  I have a few minor little bad habits which despite my best efforts are very hard to break.  So in no particular order they include-
  • Daydreaming.  I could daydream the whole day away although not so much anymore since having kids.  My latest daydreams include all the food I am going to eat once Jellybean arrives!!
  • Procrastinating.
  • Being a gunna. 
  • Zero organisation skills. 
  • I am easily distracted. 
  • Putting stuff off until the last minute.
  • I have a very low tolerence level to most things at the moment which is leading to me being
  • A yeller.  Everyone in my house is copping it lately.
  • I say one thing and do another.  Not all the time but sometimes
  • I am shocking at replying to comments on the blog.  If you happen to comment please be a mind reader as I reply in my head!! 
Maybe I have a few more bad habits than I actually thought!! 

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  1. LOL - I think that is true for all of us - we have more bad habits that we realise until we start to list them and we see the list growing longer.
    Have the best week ever !

  2. I have a lot of these bad habits too! Maybe I should have added to mine 'forgets most of bad habits' lol

  3. Wow! When I read people's bad habits I realise it's not just me - we are all very similar and human after all!

  4. Your bad habits don't sound that bad to me. And besides you can blame it all on pregnancy hormones ;-)

  5. They all sound very familiar to me. I am a nail biter, that would be my worst bad habit, my hubby would have a list of my bad habits a mile long!

  6. Absolutely LOVE "being a gunna" - that is definitely me, always full of big plans and ideas and then usually not getting around to any of them!

  7. I can procrastinate with the best of them sometimes! lol at replying to comments in your head - I'm guilty of that too sometimes :)

  8. lol to blog comments and needing to be a mind reader! Love that.

  9. Is this me you are explaining! I will admit to at least 50% of them.

  10. I have all of those habits too. It's always easy to be distracted when you have kids anyway..and, um..what was I saying? lol

  11. I'm so easily distracted - and I wonder where my children get it from...!

  12. All of the above for me too! I'm so glad I am in some good company with these things!!! :)

  13. I am pretty sure this could have been my post as well! Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses lovely lady, hope you wrote yourself a good habit list as well because you are all kinds of awesome as well


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