Tuesday, 25 June 2013

To do list this week!!

Tomorrow will be week 35 of my FINAL ever pregnancy.  We had a scan on Friday and Jellybean is measuring perfectly, no 19lb baby for me, thank goodness!!  All the gestational diabetes stuff is under control.  We have a few more days of busy then school holidays start and none of our activities are on so apart from 1 appointment the kids and I have 2 weeks of nothing which I will be totally making the most of before life as we know it now changes.

I will however be on the edge of my seat for the next 2 weeks as 4 and a bit years ago the eldest was born at 35 weeks.  I really should remember to share that story!!  35 weeks is premature and we spent the first 12 days of his life in hospital.  Second time around I was induced just before my due date.  This was after being told by many people that having one early baby would mean that any others would be too.  Two more weeks and Jellybean can come out without being considered a prem!!  Hang in there Jellybean!! 

I have a few things to do this week.  Actually they must be done this week just in case!!
  • Finish cleaning out Jellybeans room. 
  • Wash all the baby clothes.  Hopefully the rain eases up soon!!
  • Finish packing the hospital bag. 
  • Go shopping for a few bits and pieces that I need.
  • Get the calender up to date to make life easier for the HOTH who will be in charge when I am in hospital.
I think that just about covers everything on the list for this week!!  I have some of the scan pictures to share tomorrow if I can get some decent photos of the photos!!

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Ps I had some technical issues yesterday, not sure if it was my computer or all the rain in Sydney.  Hopefully there will be none today and I can catch up on some blog reading from yesterday and today!!  Its not looking good so far as my wifi keeps cutting in and out!! 


  1. Sounds like you are on track for everything to happen when it should. Once those last few things are done you will be A for away !
    Hang on for another 3 weeks Jellybean because 21st July isn't that far away !!!!
    Take care and have a great time before JB arrives - not so much quiet time after that !!

  2. So exciting, Ann!! I hope you get a good rest in before the big day.. and yes, hang in there Jellybean, be patient!!! :) Much love xx

  3. Well it's all happening at your place! Looking forward to the news of jellybeans arrival...in two to three weeks of course x

  4. I do not see sit down, relax, put your feet up and take a moment to enjoy these moments on that list??
    Hope Jellybean stays snug and warm for the next few weeks - stay in there little bubba!
    Josefa from #tamIBOT

  5. I HAVE to say - if you want this to be your last, make sure hubby has the snip - NOW - our second was our last, BOOM No.3 came, and he is much loved and appreciated, but I'm just saying. Can't wait for updates :)
    I know what it's like with No.3 - just frantic trying to make sure your other babes are great. Thinking of you :) Em

  6. My twins were 35wks4 days, they spent 20 days in hospital.I hope it all goes smoothly for you Ann.

  7. So exciting for you Ann!!! Praying that bubby stays put for a couple more weeks, but not too long, and that you can enjoy the last few weeks of just two kiddies. xxxx


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