Friday, 18 July 2014

Things I Know #16- Groundhog Day

It has been a dream of mine to visit Punxsutawney and go to the Groundhog Day festival ever since I saw this movie many years ago (1993 for all the movie buffs!!).

While I wait to live the dream I am lucky enough to be living my very own version of Groundhog Day.  With each day the same and increasingly getting worse exactly like in the movie!!

Ok I may be over exaggerating a little but you get the picture!!

The Bad stuff for this week

I am about one stupid post on facebook away from losing it.

First the keyboard warriors who were out in force over the story about a lizard being found in a tin of baby formula.  For the record I have an opened tin of the batch and have disposed of it, the baby is now on cows milk, I now need a dairy farm to keep up with the milk usage.  At least I will pocket some cash by not buying a tin a week!!   Shame on s26 for not offering a refund and also not recalling the product straight away.  Even if the story is untrue would it not be better to be safe than sorry.

Then the old what age should you send your child to school debate was raging again.  Over it, move on, next topic.

Now apparently a vegemite sandwich is the devils food.  Too much salt or some clap trap.   Maybe a gazillion vegemite sandwiches in a row is bad but not 1 every couple of days.  Common sense people plain old common sense where has it disappeared too??

But in the good stuff

For every crap day with the kids there is always one cute story.  Take yesterday for example when we were driving home from school and the 3 year old sneezed and the baby said uh oh.  I cling to this cuteness and all the little things that make me smile.

The dogs stolen food tally this week is quite high as I obviously have not said shut the door enough this week.  3/4 loaf of raisin bread, a box of baby rice cakes and the funniest thing was 2 tins of baked beans.  Stupid dogs couldn't work out how to open the ring pull!!

I am hosting I Must Confess on Monday while Kirsty from My Home Truths has a break for a few weeks. The prompt for this week was thought up by some awesome people on facebook and it is
"Things I never told my parents".  Of course you can link up any confession you like.  The other suggestions were "I never told my husband....."and "things I think about  right before bed".  Feel free to use these or anything else you wish to confess to!!

Another week done and dusted.  Although Fridays are a little busier now with the signing up of Kimdy Kid to Joeys on a Friday night.  The things I do for my kids, delaying the cracking open of a fresh bottle of wine until close to 630pm.  I should well be in the running for moty with that effort!!  Seriously though I really think he is going to love it.

Enjoy your weekend guys and stop by on Monday with your confessionals!!

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  1. Ah, yes. We do get our heads out of joint over a number of things, and the internet lets it go viral...sometimes worthwhile, usually not...

  2. I love Groundhog Day - the movie, not the endless going over the same ground all the time... Thanks so much for helping with the linkup and cool prompts - I think I was starting to run out of good ones!

  3. I was so pleased to read that Speedy is still liking his blanket and hope you can get to wash it soon !!! LOL
    Have a wonderful weekend !
    Me xox

  4. I totally missed the vegemite is evil argument. Was it started by an American? I love telling my american friends that you need to eat it like nutella and have a really big spoonful lol.

  5. Hope you don't mind me linking up the giveaway. I am a bit short on posts this week x
    I can't stand keyboard warriors. The idiots suggesting the lizard situation was fake, make me want to scream. They were OBVIOUSLY (sarcasm) so well informed to make that accusation. People can be so judgmental and negative on there!
    Thanks for hosting x

  6. I am just about over everybody letting the bloody dog in! There seems to be dog hair on just about everything and most of the soft toys are fair game for the dog and they smell like it too.
    Thank goodness kids do cute stuff too ha ha.

  7. I'm in awe of your dogs. Canned baked beans is a new one to me.

  8. did they get into the cans at all ? like what do you do with them then ? you just roll 'em around the back yard ? bury them and wait for someone to put shovel in it ? why? why would you take them in the first place?
    We live on Vegemite, There is much worse they could be having huh ! xx


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