Monday, 14 July 2014

Laugh Linkup- Sons of Poetry

I laughed mega hard when I saw this on The Street the other morning.  True brilliance.  I love the parodies they come up with!!

Yes 2 hours of someone opening chocolate eggs!!

These 4 videos are a sample ofwhat happens when the kids play on their tablet and it is not in flight mode or the wifi is switched off.  Lesson learnt and tablet locked and only to be used when in flight mode!!

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  1. Oh, it could have been worse. I accidentally opened a porn site (AT WORK!!!!) once when looking for multicultural barbie dolls for my niece!

  2. Ha ha that parody is hilarious. It proves that men really are the inferior gender!
    Mine for some reason love watching those eggs being opened.
    I found Izzy watching kids being immunised, she thought it was funny to see them cry! Also videos about shark attacks. She got really upset when I wouldn't let her watch it!

  3. I love the kids don't even know them. Very funny Anne :)

  4. The son's of poetry is CLASSIC - so much hard work went into that! We rhyme all the time, it's not a crime!!!!!! GOLD. Might have to put 2.5yo in front of construction one - he LOVES stuff like that at moment! Thanks for sharing, the smiles and especially for linking :)

  5. Hahaha...I love Sons of Anarchy! that cracked me up!

  6. Sons of Poetry is CLASSIC - absolutely love it ;-)

  7. my son watches these sorts of weird videos too. My tip: I give him an old phone after upgrading to a new one. Still uses wifi but has no sim card in. its a great idea


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