Thursday, 3 July 2014

I Know I am not thankful but trying to be


This week has sucked. Really really sucked.  Warning I am a crazy cat lady.

Shiraz has been missing for a week.  She bolted out the front door on Thursday night and has not been seen since.  We are all sad.  We hope she comes back.  We have searched all week for her.  Nothing.

We got Shiraz when Speedy was 11 days old.  She fitted in and enhanced the craziness of our house.  Witching hour is not the same without the cat adding her two cents.

I have been heartbroken all week but somehow the universe has given me reasons to smile.

  • Receiving a lovely package from Where the styled things are as the person who was supposed to send me something in round one of #prettylittlepackage didn't.  I was not expecting it and it was very welcome.
  • School holidays.  A mixed thankful!!
  • Finally getting a chance to get the big boys hair cut.  They look so cute.
  • Watching the baby on the verge of crawling.
  • Getting more and more sounds and words out of the baby,  Uh Oh is this weeks new one.  
  • Hearing as soon as he gets out of bed the dreams the 3 year old has had.  
  • The perfect weather we have been having.
  • Going to see Thomas The Tank Engine this Saturday at Trainworks.
  • Catching up with good friends next week.
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  1. Oh, I do hope you find her, it's heartbreaking not knowing. I'm keeping everything crossed for you x

  2. Oh no, it's the worst feeling, losing a pet. I hope she comes home x

  3. Just checked your FB page and there aren't any updates. There's still hope. These pets of ours though, they sure know how to create a drama. X

  4. Oh hun. Cats like to go walkabout sometimes don't they? I really hope she finds her way home. x

  5. I hope she comes back.. I had a cat wander off and we didn't find him until months later, but I hope you don't have to wait that long.

  6. I hope Shiraz returns. I had a cat run out the vets back door. It turned up at home two weeks later!
    Thanks for our little package this week. The pots have been planted, can't wait for the flowers xx

  7. I hope Shiraz makes an appearance soon. It's amazing the impact our pets have on us and our home.

    Thanks for linking up with us at The Lounge!

  8. I don't like how cats do this! Our cat too has ran away this week. We know where she is though. She is hiding under the house next door, sneaking out to eat the food they put out for their animals. She is refusing to come home and I feel rejected and insulted. I miss her weight and softness sitting on me as I sleep. Thank you for sharing your thanks, even on a bad week. #thankfulthursday

  9. I hope Shiraz makes it home, maybe just out exploring. Your gift pack looks awesome, I received a card from a blogger last week, made my day to xxx


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