Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Always Hit Save

Seriously "Weird Al"is absolutely hilarious.  Em and Kylie this made me think of you guys!!

Today I am giving you a friendly warning,  ALWAYS HIT SAVE.  ALWAYS.

Sunday night all I had to do was add the link to Ms Mystery Case (next weeks host of I Must Confess with the topic of Greatest Fears) when I was interrupted by a baby who did not feel the need to go to sleep even though it was an hour past his bedtime.  I closed the lid on the lappy thinking I would be back to finish it once he went to sleep.  Another hour or so later and he finally went to bed.  So did I and never opened the computer again.

I wasn't that worried as I was getting up early so I knew I could finish it off and have it ready to go before 6am.

Yesterday I grabbed the lappy, opened it up, finished the post which was still open, hit publish and it would not comply.  I swore for a while, hit save then refreshed.  Well it only saved from where I was up too on Sunday night.  I swore again then finished it off.

Moral of the story- ALWAYS HIT SAVE.

Now I have imparted these words of wisdom please enjoy the new Weird Al song.  He has a whole new album but I could only share #wordcrimes, the others are on his website and there are some real corkers!!  I also added two songs of the week.  I am loving these songs!!

Linking up this cautionary tale with Essentially Jess for #ibot.

The liebster I promised will be for next week as I have a slight case of woman flu.


  1. Weird Al will be making English teachers around the world cheer a deafening amen.

  2. I would have been frustrated to redo what I'd already started. I'm constantly hitting save whenever I make a change on a post on my blog and you can see at least a dozen 'revised' messages on my post in the editing mode. I think being a mother makes me anal about saving my work cause I don't have time to redo it. :)

  3. I keep saying I will remember to save and sadly, I don't, but thankfully haven't lost anything that couldn't be recreated without too much trouble.
    Have a wonderful day Lovely Lady !
    Me xox

  4. Not the dreaded woman flu! Get better soon and yes to saving - just wish I knew how to back up! x

  5. BTW, haven't seen this and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

  6. Oh Ann, that is awesome! I love it! And how freaking annoying is it when shit goes down and does not save!

  7. Thanks so much for sharing this I LOVE IT! PS my blog sabotages saving all the time.

  8. Argh, don't you hate it when that happens!!! Happened to me before and I nearly cried!!

  9. Oh feck... this annoys me to the point of tears, nothing worse. Just what you needed to start off your Monday I'm sure.

  10. Because I haven't commented on blog posts in a while from my phone I have been signed out of google.

    Funnily enough I commented before I signed in and lost mh comment. I just hope it went to oike a spam folder cauae the blogging world is like "whos salz?".

    Anyways I wrote something along the lines of I have lost more blog posts in the last 6 months then I have in my blogging career. Hate it.

  11. My computer died last Thursday in the middle of a post. Thankfully I had hit save and I still have the post. Just waiting for pics now. :)

  12. I was at the end of a post a couple of weeks ago which was an absolute brain dump that I definitely wouldn't be able to replicate when I accidentally closed the tab. Thankfully wordpress had autosaved and so I only lost my call to action!

  13. Weird Al is back!
    Aren't those madden boys cute? :)
    I am always making sure I hit the save button. The little time I have to sit down and actually write something I wouldn't want to lose it!


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