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I Must Confess- Things I Never Told My Parents

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I Must Confess

While Kirsty from My Home Truths has a little time off myself and four other bloggers are having a turn each in hosting Kirsty's awesome link up I Must Confess

Thanks to Mums Take Five for suggesting this weeks prompt- Things I never told my parents. after I put the call out on facebook for a topic!!

I must confess my parents do not know about this blog.  In fact a lot of people I know do not know about this blog.  I kind of like this.  I guess mainly because I like having something that is all mine and I don't want people who don't get it to be bringing me down,  Does that make sense to you like it does to me??!!

But I know you are all dying to know some juicy confessions so here goes

  • I was a pretty good kid.  Sure I jigged school once to hang out at the youthy (youth centre).
  • Then there was the times we got older friends to buy booze

But really all in all I was a fairly good kid.  Although I am so glad social media was not around back then!!

Lately there has been a lot of reminiscing going on.  Storytelling about the old days.  The stories that you had to be there".  Each storyteller tell their own version of each story.  Some stories now are quite over exaggerated.  Some sound so unbelievable but are true.  Some stories you only have to say one word and it is enough to send me into fits of laughter.

Next weeks host of I Must Confess is Ms Mystery Case with the confession topic of My Greatest Fears.

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  1. I had planned to join but just didn't get there - thanks for hosting...WC coolers! Ah yes, I remember them well....

  2. I loved WC coolers! My family pretty much never read my blog anymore which is probably a good thing.

  3. Ha ha I have way to many juicy secrets that will NEVER be published online. But let's just say that buying booze at age 16 is now one of them!! Love your taste of music, as always x

  4. I'm glad social media wasn't around when I was growing up too! I was such a good kid that I there's nothing to confess to my parents. I get why you don't want people to know about the blog. It leaves you free to express yourself. xo

  5. I'm glad social media wasn't around in my day either. I'm pretty sure at least one of my parents reads my blog occasionally and I'm pretty sure I got away with nothing back in those days.

  6. My mum is my number one blog reader lol... :)

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I was a good was just when I had moved out of home I went a bit wild. Definitely calmed down a bit in my ahem, old age :) There are things my parents are better off not knowing ;)

  8. I wish my family didn't know about my blog sometimes. It makes it harder to write about personal experiences when I have them looking at it with a magnifying glass.

  9. Sometimes I wish I kept my blog a little more secret. Mum likes my blog Facebook page but I am not sure she actually reads it as she has never commented on it or said anything to me about it....that is why I linked up off topic this week! This my parents don't know they don't know for a reason and I don't want them reading about it along with the rest of the world!! hahaha...
    But really, like you I was a pretty good kid!

  10. It took a long time for family to find out that I had a blog but now they read along, well I think they do. I told them when I did because I thought they would like following along and seeing what I was up to and I think that is all they do. They hardly comment and have never put the fact that I do it down.

  11. I never told my parents I was smoking as a teen....the discovered empty packets stashed under my bed were a real giveaway though..... they never mentioned it to me until years later though. Interesting to note I don't smoke now and haven't smoked since I was a teen... guilty conscience maybe..

  12. You sound like me Ann - I was always a good girl. I remember the only time I gave my parents a scare was when I went to dinner with a guy I liked after work one day but didn't tell them I wasn't coming home until later that night. They were pretty annoyed after thinking the worst all night but I think they got off lightly, particularly when compared to the stress my brother put them through! Thanks so much for hosting this week - you rock Ann!

  13. Hardly anyone I know knows about my blog and that's exactly the way I like it. SD does but has no interest in reading it at all which is great. My blog is my space and I love that I don't have to explain or justify it to anyone.

  14. ha ha ! got another special mention over at Help I'm Stuck :) passion pop ewww memories that and udls and i can't remember its name but its the cheap version of bacardi .. xx


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