Friday, 11 July 2014

Things I Know #15- Sunday

Ah Sunday.  The one day of the week where we potentially (normally) have nothing on.  No plans, nowhere to be.  A day which can do whatever we want.  After being introduced to the wonderful world of Saturday sports plus a swimming lesson which has meant the weekend has been reduced to just one day, Sunday has become sacred.

Although my little angels need to be trained to sleep in.  Sunday starts at the same time as every other day usually!!  Which can suck as weekend tv is shocking!!

Sometimes we go out for breaky which is nice.  We have a great spot we go to where the food is great and does not cost the earth.  There is a park for the kids to ride their bikes and play.

Other times we have a big lunch or a really early dinner at home.  Then a yummy dessert afterwards.  I like cooking on a Sunday as there is no rush to eat like during the week.  I usually try to make a cake or slice on a Sunday.

I make sure work and school uniforms are ready for the week.  I sometimes escape and do a big grocery shop by myself.  Or sometimes we all walk down to the shops together.

I love the nothingness of Sundays.  I get a little cranky if there is something on on a Sunday (unless its dinner with friends at the club!!  Kids eat free winner!!)

Why the Sunday love??  Because this week I absolutely promise to link up with Mums Take Five for Sunday Brunch!!  Sorry Bel for forgetting and not getting around to it last week.

I am also linking up with Melting Moments for their
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  1. My best Sundays are ones when there is nothing scheduled. There's time for a movie and a nap and lots of time to read. That's just my idea of bliss.

  2. Oh, I love a good Sunday breakfast :) A great collection of tunes x

  3. SD is a planner which means that we never have a day of just nothing. However, he is a great one for balance so his plans often include doing nice things like going to the beach if we've spent the previous day doing jobs. We always have one day at the weekend where we have a full English breakfast which I love.

    I've haven't linked up here before but I will write a post for next weeks link up.

  4. So glad i got my Sunday Brunch up before bedtime tonight so you could link up :) xx

  5. I get cranky too if there's something on. I just wish Monday was Sunday too!

  6. I'm so excited and feel so loved i am the star of your post! thank you so much for making me special xx

  7. I first started to read this and thought shit is it Sunday already and I've been thinking its Friday all day lol. The weekends don't mean much here because my partner does rotating shift work so our "weekends" change every week. But I still have a soft spot for Sundays.

  8. Sunday we go to Church when we can and during non daylight savings I try to go dragon boat paddling at least 1-2 times a month. The times clash.
    I do my ironing some Sunday nights and I love relaxing with the family.

  9. Enjoy your Sunday xx I have nothing on today either, yay!


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