Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Labradors, a movie rant and some Jovi

What to do when a very cute 11 month old deletes the majority of the #ibot post that had been carefully written for publishing this morning??

Head to the tube of course!!

First up is a video which made me cry laughing over the weekend.  If you have a Labrador this will really make your day.  For such a smart breed of dog they can be so incredibly stupid!!

Next up is the trailer to the movie Gone Girl.  I only found out yesterday that this was being made into a movie and for the last 24 hours all I have seen is this trailer pop up everywhere.  Looks great, must finish reading the book!!  Also I believe the movie ending will be different to the book.  I am still yet to see a movie made from a book that has been any good.  My Sister's Keeper- worst movie ending ever, I am still pissed even after about 5 years that I stayed up late watching it on tv.  All the John Grisham movies have butchered the books.

Lastly I adore this Bon Jovi song, the lyrics are quite timely at the moment around here.

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  1. Aww these little ones are really quick sometimes, aren't they! It's hard to get annoyed with them when they're so cute though. I haven't even heard of the Gone Girl movie, that's how detached I am from the outside world lol. Need a trip to the cinemas soon!

  2. I have a Border Collie, supposedly THE most intelligent of dogs but Gus can be pretty stupid at time too. I struggle to watch movies made from books I've read too, the one exception being the Bridget Jones movies, should have been a complete disaster with a Texan playing Bridget but they really pulled it off. My ex chose a Bon Jovi song for me to walk up the aisle to, it was supposed to be a ballad (You Had Me From Hello) but he didn't specify which track so when they started the music I found myself rocking up the aisle to Undivided!

  3. Ahhh those dogs are so annoyingly cute. Who brings dogs to a televised football match though, thats my question! :)

  4. Oh I am soooo looking forward to seeing Gone Girl! I haven't read the book but the movie looks great!

  5. I really hope they change Gone Girl so the characters are at least relatable. I found myself wanting to stab one of the main characters on a regular basis while reading it!

  6. Well I must have be living in a cave because it's the first time I've heard of Gone Girl but it looks good.

  7. I think it's incredibly rude of the soccer players to interrupt that very important game of grocery bag tug-of-war.

    Thanks for the iTunes card :-) It arrived yesterday.

  8. I would have cried if someone deleted my post!!
    I'm with Bec and haven't heard of Gone Girl either.


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