Friday, 4 July 2014

Things I Know #14- Killer playlist and a winner.

Thanks to everyone who played along with this little bit of fun/giveaway.  The judges had a tough decision to make and the winner by the smallest of margins is ...................... Char with "The Best Day Of My Life" Honourable mention to Robomum who made me explain why we are not Greek and do not dance like Zorba.  A conversation which lasted for about 2 hours.

There were some tense moments whilst judging was happening.  Including me freaking out when I realised just how old the Deee-Lite song is (1990 for those playing along at home!!)  There was nearly a punch up between the big 2 over Roar and Moves Like Jagger.  After a short break to regroup a decision was reached and I will never get the kids to judge anything ever again!!

Thanks again and enjoy this mega cool get down and get funky playlist!!


  1. That's a great playlist. Roar is such a great anthem. Katy really nailed it, huh?! Happy weekend :)

  2. That is a great playlist. i only resort to the kids when i absolutely have to and then i take then aside and ask then individually then i have to make sure neither of them know what daddy thinks or there is fights because someone just picked what daddy said. ridiculous.


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