Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Sleep is for the Weak

I listen to music all the time. I made sure to crank the tunes when I was pregnant and I am sure part of the kids love of rockin out is attributed to the fact they have been dancing around to loud music before they were born.

I listen to a lot of Bon Jovi (no really I do!!) and I made the mistake of cranking this particular song for my first 2 pregnancies. Big mistake as number 2 in particular took the lyrics and made them his mantra for the first 9 months of his life.  This mistake was not repeated the third time around!!

That was a rough few months with number two. Really rough. We were all so exhausted and I am not sure how we actually functioned but we did. We got through it and came out the other side with a whole new appreciation for sleep.

He was the worst sleeper out of the 3.

Now all 3 boys are pretty good in the sleep department. The baby has maybe 1 night a week where we are up and on the lounge as he refuses to sleep in our bed. The 3 year old for the last couple of weeks has taken to falling asleep on the lounge cuddling me after he has been sent to bed.

I have to admit I am soaking up these times. There is nothing lovelier than a sleeping child all snuggled into you. Or watching as they drift off after fighting sleep for ages. I love carrying a sleeping baby to bed and having little arms wrapped around my neck and a little head so heavy against mine.

I have been lucky also as all 3 will go to bed and go to sleep with no problems. Our bedtime routine is shower then bed. I don't do bedtime stories or anything like that, they have never looked for that kind of thing.  They don't and have never needed any help getting to sleep.  I have been blessed to be able to pop them in the cot and they just go off to sleep.  Until they get in a bed that is and then the gtftb dramas start!!  Which is why number 3 will remain in a cot until he is at least 18!!

All three have found a special comfort thing they take to bed with them.  Each one is very special.

Speedy and blankie

Since starting school for Kindy Kid and dropping the day sleep for the 3 year old we are in a good place as far as their sleep goes. On school nights they are in bed by 7pm. Something which I am very strict on in the school term. God knows previous to that they were still up partaying until past 9pm some nights.  I was really worried about how their late nights would affect them especially as they still get up early no matter what time they go to bed.  But they settled themselves into a routine.  Kindy Kid in particular pretty much begs to go to bed every night now which is a far cry from the start of the year!!

Occasionally we have an extra person in the bed but all in all once in bed they stay in bed.

I just love this song!!

There will be a day when a sleep in will not be a dream.  For now I go with the flow and inhale coffee.  One day I will open my eyes on a Sunday morning and it will be something crazy like 8am!!

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  1. There is nothing like that lack of sleep with a young 'bad' sleeper...and yet you do get through it. I remember saying to an experienced parent "When does this stop?" He said (and always ask the men, much more honest about baby behaviours) "When they go to school - so about 6" (and he wasn't joking!) I responded "I'll be dead by then!" (also not joking!)

    1. But I'm still here, so as you say, you survive it all...

  2. Yes I remember what sleep was like (a distant memory now), so I guess sleep and I will reconnect in about 4 years!

  3. My niece had twin boys earlier this year and it's the highlight of my week when I get to cuddle one of them and lull them off to sleep. There is absolutely no better feeling than winning the fight and have them fall asleep in your arms.

  4. My girls are older now and all like to sleep in given the chance, of course the cat that has decided to adopt us has other ideas and wants attention from everyone in the house from about 4am onwards.

  5. I used to love it when my boys fell asleep on my lap or in my arms. Mr 5 did this for the first time in ages the other day. Gorgeous.

  6. Lovely, I don't think I've seen 8am from my bed for at least three years! Great post, we've been lucky our boys are pretty good sleepers, we did have some issues transitioning our big boy into a bed earlier this year but thankfully that is all resolved now. I agree with you, there is nothing more special than holding your little one as they fall asleep and gently carrying them and putting them into bed. So sweet :)

  7. My lot are all pretty good at going to bed. Unfortunately though Pebbles is not yet sleeping through so it is still sleep deprivation city here. Knowing it's time limited helps though. And coffee of course! x

  8. It's nice you have a strong routine which your kiddos generally stick to and comply. I am in the thick of the no sleep stage and it really knocks you about doesn't it? I dream of waking at 8am one day and not being yelled by a little person as an alarm clock.

    It's lovely you can treasure sleepy cuddles. The hard work is all worth it if those little moments are there.

  9. I thought the non-sleeping times would never end Ann, and didn't believe anyone who told me it would get better. Then it suddenly did! Bell loves a sleep in now, it's just the pups who wake me up early for breakfast. x

  10. Mr 4 was absolute dream sleeping as a newborn. He was still having 2 day sleeps up until 12 months and was sleeping 12 hours overnight from about 2.5 months old. Oh how old Murphy's Law laughed at me when the terrible 2's came along.

  11. Won't it be wonderful when sleep ins aren't just a dream! Oh how I can't wait for that day.

  12. Bless a sweet post - I hear you and my oldest two have sleepy snugglers but my youngest, well if just comes and sleeps between the hubby and I if he's unhappy! It's frustrating but won't last forever right? Em - also visiting as part of #teamIBOT

  13. Sleep if it wasn't free wouldn't you pay for it !

  14. I love the sleepy snuggles too - I must admit that my husband and I are both suckers for our 4 yo who is still small enough to carry and loves stealing down to the lounge room for cuddle most nights!


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