Friday, 30 May 2014

Things I Know #9- Exercise is the devils form of torture

Another week gone already.  Time is flying by, I know I say that every week but it is so true!!

Without further ado here is what has gone down around here this week.

  • Firstly this is in point form as I am trying to type really quickly as I am in a little pain.  Yes in breaking news I exercised 2 nights in a row with the lovely garage ladies.  Holy crap I wasn't too bad after night 1 but I cannot move after night 2!!
  • I am so uncoordinated it is not funny!!  Like seriously unco.  
  • I have enjoyed it and want to keep going!!
  • Fave exercise would have to be boxing.  
  • In other news I broke my sunglasses.  My all time favourite sunglasses.
  • I got a new screen on my phone, I am taking bets on how long it will last.
  • We had a couple of sleepless nights here which resulted in a first tooth, my baby is getting too big.
  • The Emus got smashed again in their soccer game.  Once again they were playing against kids who are closer to 7 not 6, plus apparently the opposing coach was sending some of his team into the goal whenever we got the ball.  Which goes against the no goalie rule.  
  • For some reason I am not able to go into hibernation yet as there is too much on on the weekends.  Just one quiet day would be great!!  
  • I am banning loom bands from this house.  The kids were given some made bracelets which have broken and I now spend my days fishing the tiny bands out of the babies mouth.
  • Also close to being banned is lego.  Not just because it is small and annoying and hurts when you stand on it but because of the song from the movie (which we haven't seen yet).  This is seriously one of the most annoying get in your head songs of all time!!

Thats about all for another week.  Feel free to link up whatever you know!!


  1. We used to have to pack away those ball magnets when our littlest one came along - get them out then madly pack up when she woke up. It did make one of elder ones constantly tell me that "She looks tired, I think she needs to go to bed" even if she'd only been awake a few minutes...

  2. My boys are past the stage of putting things in their mouths, otherwise there is NO WAY I'd have those loom bands around. Good on you for banning them and also for exercising. YAY! Well done. And I agree about the song! Drives me nuts. Grrrrrr.

  3. Just remember when it comes to exercise, pain is just weakness leaving the body. Annoying, aren't I?

  4. I love that song ... well compared to anything about building a snowman or letting it go ...seriously let it go! i have a no loomband rule now too.

  5. I love boxing too.. excerice.. I must get back into that :/
    That is a quirky little song isn't it?! lol We're too busy singing Frozen songs!

  6. Apparently no pain no gain, keep going x

  7. Thanks for linking me up - I was working up at Inala and didn't get a chance !!!!
    Gotta love the sore feeling after exercising - well I do - then I know that I have done something !!! Sorry to hear about the teething - K started teething at about 14 months - 13.5 months after she had started sleeping through most of the night - it nearly killed us having broken sleep !!
    Have a wonderful week !

  8. Aargh! The first time I watched that movie I had the song stuck in my head. Loom bands can go get lost, somewhere else as far as I'm concerned too :)


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