Friday, 23 May 2014

Things I Know #8- Just an ordinary week

All I have to say this week is tgif!!  Let me begin as always with

The Bad

  • Tuesday saw 2 exploding poos, resulting in not only having to wash baby clothes but my clothes as well,  For some reason witching hour went for about 12 hours.  Then I thought I was pretty smart not needing to go to the shops on Tuesday except I was wrong as we needed bread so I had to trot off down the road after the kids went to bed to buy some.  We also missed playgroup as I did not have the heart to wake a sleeping baby.  Then my phone was knocked to the floor cracking the screen.  I am devestated as I cannot use it incase it cracks more!!  Why it chose this time to crack when it has been dropped more times than I can count is beyond me.
  • Wednesday was a good day (1 at big school, 1 at preschool).  Except when the kids were outside playing and came running in to tell me about the dead rat on the grass.  The HOTH was informed of the rat but did not move it.
  • Thursday I took the longest possible route to avoid the rat to get to the washing line to get a clean school shirt when I saw that it was no longer there.  I can only assume a dog ate it, ewwwwww.
The Good

  • The emus did it tough at soccer,.  The odds were stacked against them playing a team which was made up of kids who had obviously played last year so were a lot older plus 2 kids were sick, 1 kid didn't want to play and another came off about 10 minutes into the match with a sore foot meaning there were 3 players, no reserves and the little brother of one of our side ended up playing!!  The 3 remaining did an outstanding job playing the full 30 minutes!!  I felt so mean as we had walked down to soccer so I had to make the tired out soccer star walk home!!  Then back it up with a swimming lesson.  
  • I was a parent helper at preschool on Wednesday for a trip to the library for simultaneous story time.  So much respect for the teachers and librarians who kept 20 odd kids entertained and quiet.  I got to walk my 3 year old and one gorgeous little girl to the library.  I love conversations with 3 and 4 year olds!!  I especially love kids who tell you all the know.  Like our little walking buddy told me all about how there are 3 beer shops in town now!!  Which made me feel like mother of the year as my kids don't know there are 3 they just want to go into the new wine shop everytime we walk past!!
  • Thursday I got to watch Kind Kid get his very first award at school.  One of the perks of being a stay at home mum for sure!!  Although trying to keep the younger 2 quiet and concentrate on what was going on was quite the battle!!
  • I went for my dinner with mum's group last night, another great night except goat was on the menu again!!
There it is, another week done and dusted.  Have a great weekend, don't forget to link up what you know!!


  1. Gross! I'd be pleased the dog ate the rat, as disgusting as that is!

  2. Snap - we had a dead rat on our lawn too.

  3. I'm waiting for us to have some lovely 'surprise' on our lawn - hopefully it will down the bottom of the yard where I don't go every often - unless it's to fix fences so the dogs don't get out !!
    I'll be linking up later - once I've had a chance to put a post together - LOL
    Have a great weekend !

  4. i love goat! i make a great slow cooked goat. ... hmm i should pick up some goat today. i'll go to your mums for dinner :) x

  5. Oh man I don't miss those poo explosions or the witching hour. Those things do get easier as they get older, I'm happy to tell you. Glad you enjoyed your Mum's night out! Have a great weekend! And I'm joining in for the first time. Yay!


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