Thursday, 29 May 2014

Thankful Thursday- Time Travel

If I could time travel anywhere it would be to see the final result from game 3 of the Origin series.  I am not a massive footy head but come origin time I get right into it!!  I am also not counting my chickens as there is still a long way to go but NSW had the goods last night, even with some very questionable refereeing decisions.  Just quietly the ref should be sacked.  The last 5 minutes were a joke.  But for now I will bask in the win and stick it right up the grubby Queenslanders I know.  Bring on the next game!!

But really I have no idea where I would time travel too.  Somedays it would be great to see into the future, other days it would be great to go back in time.  I actually wish there was a quicker way to get to places without travelling on a plane.  I would love to see my family overseas but the thought of over 24 hours of travel is an absolutely shocking thought.

Lastly I woke up this morning to hear the sad news that Maya Angelou has passed away.  I know I probably shouldn't include such a wonderful person in a post filled with stupidity however I am thankful for her amazing life and words and the incredible legacy she is leaving.
  The bird is one of my favourite quotes as is

As I am Thankful this week for a few good sports who have put up with my cyber taunting made even sweeter by the win and the legacy of one amazing woman I am linking up with Rhianna for Thankful Thursday and also with Tegan (a Queenslander) who is hosting The Lounge this week with the topic being time travel.


  1. LOL you cockroach !!!!!!!! I don't follow footy much either, but like you, get right into origin. I got as far as looking at tickets to go to the game last night (which knowing the result I'm glad I didn't get) but they started at $210 for a seat in a corner up with the birds !!!! I heard a few days ago they had reduced the price of the cheapest tickets to $125 but still couldn't justify the cost - as it would have had to have been $250 as K is saving for America !!!!
    It certainly wasn't the best game I've ever seen and I didn't think that either side played with the intensity that they have played previous games and I was very sad we lost BUT we didn't really deserve to win either. I thought there were options in the last few minutes with Daley-Evens made the wrong choice - but hey, what do I know really ???????????? I don't like Cooper Cronk much at all but losing him certainly didn't help our cause. Bring on games 2 and 3 !!!!
    Have the best day !
    Me xox

  2. Okay, short version - I love Maya Angelou too - I love the quote "If you're always trying to be normal, you'll never know how amazing you can be"

  3. I have to say the Blues played an incredible defensive game in the second half. They fully deserved that win.

  4. I never manage to drum up any interest in footy, not even for Origin night. Unfortunate for me being in family full of males. Love the Maya Angelou quotes, may she rest in peace. xo

  5. Love Maya Angelou. I will miss her brightness.

  6. I think it's NSW's year... Fingers crossed for us!
    I knew a little about Maya Angelou so I'm really enjoying the quotes that are popping up everywhere since her passing. Such a talented woman - quite a story too.

  7. I must admit that I didn't actually watch the game lol! I just enjoy the shit stirring in the lead up to it!
    Thanks for linking up with us at The Lounge!


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