Thursday, 15 May 2014

Things I Know #7- #prettylittlepackage

A short #tik this week as I have stuffed around playing with the camera trying to transfer pictures wirelessly to my phone which kept disconnecting.  Then I realised the time and got the lappy out to write an insightful intelligent entertaining #tik when the bloody thing first chucked a wobbly and installed some updates then after it restarted itself would not connect to the wifi.

So in point form here is what I know this week-

  • Someone forgot to tell a certain baby it was a special day on Sunday and we were up at the crack.
  • Saturday was the start of my new career as a professional soccer mum and the debut of the newest socceroo.  For his first game ever the future socceroo played amazingly.  (More on soccer next week, lets just say I was stunned about one thing in particular).
  • I completely missed #ibot this week, it is like a whole day disappeared into the bermuda triangle.
  • Saturday night the HOTH and I finished watching season 5 of Sons of Anarchy on dvd.  We now have to wait until season 6 comes out on dvd later in the year.  A definite ffs for that one!!
  • Although 24:Live another day just started and will be Saturday nights viewing for a while.  I am thinking we need to start hiring dvds or find another show to watch.  Any suggestions welcome!!
  • I am looking forward to a very relaxing Sunday this week.  God help anyone or anything who get in my way of this!!
  • Something I don't know is why facebook insists on having top stories.  Their idea of top stories and my idea are 2 very different things.  
  • I know that injuring my right hand/wrist is a pain in the butt and very inconvenient.  I have no idea how I managed it!!
Lastly for a good news story.

A few weeks ago I saw a thing pop up called #prettylittlepackage.  The brainchild of Where The Styled Things Are.  Basically a gift exchange between people.  I had a pressie already decided on which was a cute bag made out a of recycled sari from A Girl and Her World
My recipient was Erica from Recycled Fashion and I could not believe how this would be the perfect present!!
I really enjoyed this, and was pretty pleased with how it turned out although the finished product probably did not look like the picture after being shoved into a post bag and shipped across the country!!
Check out the link to Where The Styled Things Are if you want to be involved in the next #prettylittlepackage adventure.  Such a fun way to discover new blogs and people!!

Linking up with Rhianna for #thankfulthursday as I am thankful for my hobby of blogging and all that goes with it!!


  1. We are rewatching Curb your Enthusiasm (we've just happened to grab a random season out of the draw), watching Fargo and I'm waiting on a copy of the new season of Veep to turn is a big black hole at the moment!

  2. It's so much fun being a soccer mum isn't it? Standing on the side of the pitch yelling at your kid in the freezing cold. I really miss those days.

  3. I hoe your hand/wrist feels better soon. Sorry to hear you forgot to tell Speedy about Mother's Day !!!! LOL
    Have a great week at your new job - hope the weather treats you kindly !!!
    Me xox

  4. We missed you at IBOT this week!
    I feel I am running out of TV shows to watch also, but that might not be a bad thing :)

  5. We loved braking bad. And as that show is completely finished, no waiting for next season. My favourite tv that is currently running is The Good Wife.

  6. Hope Sunday is as it should be lovely last, don't envy the soccer mum thing at all, we are sports free for the first time in years at the moment and it is so awesome! Thanks for linking up with #thankfulthursday Blogging really is a great thing to be thankful for

  7. Mothers Day started early for me too, sigh. I don't think we mothers will ever get a real full mothers day off until we don't have to be a mother anymore... but then there would be nothing to celebrate! I have never heard of this #prettylittlepackage project but it definitely sounds like fun! Will definitely check it out :)


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