Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Wordless Wednesday- Something for when I win lotto!!

Chanel, Celeste brooch celebrates 80th anniversary of fine jewellery for Chanel
A cool $525,000 for this divine white gold, diamond and Australian pearl Celeste brooch.
Chanel Fine Jewellery

Yes you read that price right!!

Still no uploading of photos on blogger so today my inspiration has come from the HOTH "dumpster diving" and bringing home Harper's Bazaar from last month.  Normally I flick through these mags and then ask the important questions like why we do not have an estate on a Caribbean Island or why I am not wearing $1000 shoes however the article I read about the Chanel jewellery was fascinating.  I also demanded to know why I did not have this $500k brooch!!  The answer was not really repeatable funnily enough!!

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  1. Daaaahlink! I'm in luuuurve with this.

  2. oh how lovely is that!!

    Visiting from Wordless Wednesday!

  3. I could buy a house or apartment for this! It is beautiful thought! Emily

  4. You would need a sercurity guard to follow you if you were wearing something like this.

    Are you having trouble uploading photos - I am but you can do it in the HTML view too!

    1. I found out another tip which might make it even easier - use google chrome as your browser.

  5. I adore black pearls - very nice. Did you happen to find the dress as well in the mag that goes with it ?

  6. WOW - I'm not much interested in jewels.

  7. That would be a x-lotto win too! I do love the pearl, I could go those as a pair of earrings, but with my track record with losing them, maybe not!


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