Friday, 18 January 2013

FFS Friday- Pregnancy whinge part 1!!

Before I start todays lengthy pregnancy related FFS post I thought I should have a little disclaimer.  Although this is by far the biggest surprise ever we are so incredibly happy and excited to be having no3 (jellybean, jb).  However

Morning/ all day/ into the night sickness.  FFS

I never had that the other 2 times.  FFS

It really sux.  This explains my absence from the internet.  FFS

I spend my days either feeling like I am going to chuck or if I am lucky actually chucking.  FFS

Lovely.  FFS

Insomnia.  I thought this kicked in towards the end not at the start.  FFS

As I was in complete denial after I saw the 2 pink lines my body decided to made it absolutely clear that I was actually pregnant and my stomach popped out the next day.  So the last few weeks I have been walking around looking like I am 6 months pregnant.  FFS

Apparently none of the shops sell any decent maternity clothes anymore.  FFS

I need clothes as I no longer fit into anything I have.  FFS

I also got rid of pretty much all of the maternity clothes I had as I was not having another baby.  FFS

I refuse to spend a gazillion dollars on stuff I am only wearing for a few months.  FFS

Thank god for google as apparently pregnant women do not need maternity boardshorts anymore.  FFS

In other non pregnancy news the boys had a giant huntsman spider in their room, the HOTH took it out last night and put it in a tree, this morning there is a dead spider in there so who knows what has been going on in there.  FFS
Thats it for me, who ever said baby brain does not exist needs to spend a day with me.  FFS

Oh and Mother Nature I know you read last weeks post and sorted the weather out could you please sort todays out.  FFS

Linking up with Dear Baby G for FFS Friday.

Until this morning sickness eases things will be a little quiet around here.  I haven't been able to reply to comments or anything it really sux, hopefully I will be back to normal soon!!


  1. Ann, I bet it's a girl if you are that crook! Look after yourself! - Sarah

  2. Yay! and my sympathies all in one. Morning sickness is a killer. May you be free from riding the porcelain bus in no time flat xx

  3. Congratulations! And you poor thing. I had morning sickness both times and hated it. YUCK. Ebay for maternity clothes - most of it's been worn for two pregnancies at the most. Hoping you feel better soon!

  4. Congratulations and feel better! You NEVER say those two things together, except to a pregnant woman. Weird, huh? I totally relate to how awful maternity clothes are. Adding insult to injury, really. I hope you feel better soon...


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