Friday, 4 January 2013

FFS Friday- Welcome to 2013

4 days into the new year and there is plenty of ffs stuff going on around here. FFS

Getting home on New years day at 230am to find one of our dogs missing.  FFS

We got him back (thank goodness) about 1030am and were back to yelling at him not long after.  Stupid mutt.  FFS

Delivered to the door no less.  FFS

Turns out he had a blast with his new friends, had his own lounge and plenty of pats.  A lot like his life here.  FFS

His new friends loved him and they were tempted to keep him.  I have nearly sent him back numerous times.  FFS
We have been blaming the kids for breaking our fly screen door but it turns out it was the dog all along which I found out yesterday morning.  FFS

The other dog is malting massive clumps of hair all over the house.  FFS

The HOTH went back to work on Wednesday and I planned to hit the shops to buy some new dog tags and a trike for the babies birthday.  Drove the 40 odd klms to the shops, got the kids out of the car, grabbed my bag only to discover my wallet was not there but sitting on the kitchen counter.  FFS

We went back yesterday and I wish I had gone somewhere else.  I could not get a thing I wanted especially the trike.  FFS

Plus I was met with some serious attitude by the dog tag lady and  all kmart sells at the moment is womens jeans and kids school gear.  FFS

I did however get some socks for the big one.  He will need 2 pairs of matching socks a week so I have the first 2 weeks covered.  The rest of the year will be a free for all.  FFS

He keeps sorting through his clothes getting them ready for school.  Its going to be a long 26 days if he keeps this up.  FFS

The baby is 2 tomorrow.  He is making sure his last week as a 1 year old is very memorable.  FFS

The earliest both kids have been in bed in the last few weeks is 9pm.  FFS

It is driving me insane.  Plus they both decided yesterday that they did not need to have a nap.  FFS

I thought for sure they would go to bed at a normal time but no 10pm was the go.  FFS

The baby woke up last night about 330am.  He is currently sleeping in my bed.  FFS

2 overtired cranky kids has been so much fun the last few weeks.  FFS

The highlight of my week has been buying a dustbuster.  I would love to know when my life became so exciting.  FFS

I think thats a wrap for this week.  Linking up for the first whinge of the year with Dear Baby G.


  1. I feel your pain with no sleep. DS has been having crazy sleeping habits. After a month of him going back to normal it feels like my fingernails are being ripped out one by one.
    Hope your boys go back to realising how awesome sleep is.

  2. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE your FFS posts?! Thanks for the laughs x

  3. Leaving the wallet behind sounds like the kind of things I do!

    Hope your weekend improves and you get some sleep.

  4. Ah, Ann. Hope it gets better for you! At least they knew where your dog lived :)

  5. Seems like Buzz likes to chase flies, he almost chased one under a moving car at the beach and through our fly screen today. I hope the kids sort their sleeps out for you xx


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