Friday, 11 January 2013

FFS Friday- "Opah"

Its been like My Big Fat Greek Wedding around here with more plate smashing by yours truly.  FFS

My most notable eff up of the week would have to be when I smashed the plate containing Sunday nights dinner of left over homemade pizza.  FFS

The dogs really enjoyed it.  FFS

As much as they enjoyed the tub of peanut butter they stole off the kitchen bench.  FFS

The only other thing thats gone on around here is the extreme heat.  FFS

If you live somewhere there has been a heatwave or its permanently hot I stand up and applaud you as I officially cannot handle it.  FFS

We only had 1 day of it and it ruined me.  FFS

It got to 41 but then was still 36 at 1030pm.  FFS

Mother Nature sort yourself out as this shit is not on.  FFS

An air conditioner would not go astray. FFS

It was also the first time our area faced catastrophic bush fire conditions.  Luckily there was no fires in our area.  Totally not FFS.

Although FFS for all the people affected by fires across the country.

I also found a couple of things that should be banned when the temps are so hot.  These include cleaning poo off carpet and having visitors meaning I have to put clothes on.  FFS

Special mention to facebook for being crap, blogger for not letting me upload photos and hotmail for being down for 24 hours.  FFS

All of which are free and I should not be complaining.  FFS

There must be more stuff for the week however my brain is still fried and I simply cannot think what they are so I will leave it.  FFS

Linking up for the weekly whinge with Dear Baby G.  Feel free to share any whinges/complaints from your week!!

Ps I am an asshole as I walk around in the summertime saying how about this heat. 


  1. We haven't really had the heatwave here in Brisbane yet, although I'm sure it'll happen. I'm so with you re: Facebook, blogger & hotmail!

  2. Joining in with you - I HATE this heat.


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