Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Rainy days

Last night was a night I love.  It has not happened for a long time.  Most importantly I could enjoy it without much worrying. 

It poured with rain all night.  All day too but last night made me extremely happy.  I love the sounds of rain.  On the roof, on the road, hearing the creek across the road from us running so fast it sounds like the ocean.  I am so glad we got to have a colourbond roof.  It really is one of my most favourite sounds, rain hitting a tin roof.  Something about it is so relaxing and sleep inducing!!

It was the first real rain we have had since being in the new place and it was so nice to not have to run around with towels and mops cleaning up the leaks that would happen every time we had a drop of rain.
Bizarre to think 3 weeks ago we were preparing for the worst possible bushfire conditions and today it is the opposite.

I hope anyone in the flood affected areas are safe and well and that hopefully some of the rain has reached the right areas where it is badly needed.

I will be awol again this week I really just wanted to stop in and say hi.  I have been reading but not commenting a lot this past couple of weeks, if you have that disqis system then I cannot comment at all.  Hopefully I will be back in full swing next week.

Stay safe guys.  Catch you all soon

Its Tuesday which means IBOT with Essentially Jess


  1. It has been raining crazy here too for the last few days and only stopped this morning. Really erratic weather since it was over 43 degrees here last week. We will miss your posts! Stay safe too xx

  2. Im glad your safe with no house leaks. Mother nature sure is being horrible this month :(

  3. I was thinking to exactly that, this morning, watching the news. Fire to flood in a flash. How frequently do we have to have these "100 year events" to make the climate change sceptics take notice? So glad your house is water tight :)

  4. I agree with you - nothing better than the sound of rain on a tin roof. No rain over our side of Australia, just heat and a fire yesterday.

  5. Yep, love the sound of rain on a tin roof. It's lovely. This weatehr has certainly been crazy!

    #teamIBOT was here!

  6. I love the sound of rain too. So beautiful.
    Hope your creak stays where its supposed to and doesn't overtake your house


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