Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Because We Can

I was going to write a post about bushfires today and how we are in the middle of a catastrophic day.  I have nothing really to say.  Our plan is set ie GET THE HELL OUT and the house is as prepared as it will ever be.  There is nothing more to do except spend today keeping cool.  I feel for the people who have lost their houses in Tasmania over the last few days.  Is it true they do not back burn down there? 

Anyway rather than dwell on how today is one of those sucky please be over quickly kind of days I will instead say this.

BON JOVI HAVE A NEW SONG AND IT ROCKS AND I LOVE IT!!  I just made this discovery and have already played this about 10 times.  What a fantastic distraction for this crap house day.  Thanks Bon Jovi.

Stay safe and cool and a big thanks to the rural firies for all the hard work they do.  I really hope they get to spend today in the aircon at the fire station. 

Linking up for IBOT with Essentially Jess on this hot hot day.


  1. I agree with you Ann - thank you to the fire fighters of Australia.

  2. It must be so terribly hot in Australia right now I'm reading about the fires and all over the papers here in Singapore! Stay cool and stay safe Ann xx

  3. The fires are just awful aren't they. I find it rather ironic though that today, here in the tropics we had one of our coolest days ever, like a seriously beautiful day and the rest of the country is sweltering away while they pray not to catch alight. The lord sure works in mysterious ways.

  4. I have a friend whose brother & cousin lost EVERYTHING in Tassie. you can't even tell where the house stood! But they have their lives, because they got out. Leave the hero work to the firefighters, I say! Fingers crossed your place is ok and you guys are ok too!

  5. Let's hope that the weather is more favourable tomorrow. Stay safe xx


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