Friday, 25 January 2013

FFS Friday- feeling snippy and HAVE A NICE DAY.

I have been snippy all week over the BORING topic of breastfeeding.  FFS

Why this is still an issue in 2013 is beyond me.  FFS

Yesterday I was over my snippyness until I saw a thread on facebook about having an epidural.  For the love of god does it matter if you had one or not or if you pushed a baby out of your vajayjay or it came out of the sunroof.  FFS

Well apparently it does.  FFS

Not to me though.  FFS

I really do not give a crap how you do it.  FFS

I had 2 non epidural births and both times I begged for one.  Especially first time around when the little angel was posterior.  FFS

Does that make me some kind of wonder woman with the power to judge other women and their choices?  No it does not.  FFS

Does that give you the right to judge me?  No it does not.  FFS

Will I sell my firstborn to get one this time around.  Damn straight.  FFS

And as for the topic of breastfeeding I will seriously lose my shit if I hear anymore about it.  FFS

Attacking people for feeding their child is not cool.  FFS

I chose to cover up when feeding in public and will do the same this time around however should a cover not be available I will feed my child anyway.  FFS

Because its fine to cover up if you want to and are not comfortable with the judgey judgey people of the world or if you just are not comfortable full stop with flashing your own boobs in public like I am.  FFS

My children were only happy when there was 2 boobs on display hence the cover.  FFS

Hats off to anyone who can do it discreetly.  Discretion is not a word in my children's vocabulary.  FFS

No wonder the breast feeding statistics are so low in Australia with the absolute lack of support and the attacking behaviour that goes on.  FFS

Tiny babies do not care where you are, if they are hungry they need to be fed.  FFS

Feed them.  FFS

Its simple.  FFS

I also mix fed my children with formula too.  Judge that.  FFS

I also had them in a forward facing pram.  Again judge that.  FFS

I also dared take my children for a haircut where it was discovered the 2 year old had dirt in his hair.  Point me in the direction of any 2 year old who plays outside and does not have dirt in their hair.  FFS

The bitchy hairdresser was lucky it was only dirt.  FFS

Nice one Just Cuts you just lost yourselves some customers.  FFS for you as its no skin off my nose.

I will turn to the almighty Bon Jovi for the last words from me today.  "When the world gets in my face I say HAVE A NICE DAY"  Sing it Jon.  FFS

Linking up with Dear Baby G for this snippy FFS Friday.


  1. Its just so stupid this debate is still going on. It's like get over it people its a boob and the kid is eating. Maybe everyone should cover up when they are eating. Maybe I don't want to see them eating. It makes me uncomfortable to see other people eating. See how stupid that sounds. Gahh.

  2. I agree that it's a stupid issue but there are some women who take it too far. There was a lady in a cafe here not long ago who left her boob out after the feed whilst she ate, while bub was asleep in the pram, "Just in case". FFS. I don't want to see your boob in that respect. I don't particularly want to see anyones out in public lol. Unless of course, you have a child attached, are attaching, or after bub has just finished. Argh. It's just the people like her that get up my goat. Just Cuts here were good with Miss C when she had her first haircut the other day!

  3. Urgh everyone needs to shut right the hell up. If I see one more Facebook post of someone sending their BF pic to Kochie I might kill someone. They aren't going to change his mind!! Just get on with what you have to do! Breastfeed, don't breastfeed but get on with it!
    Incidentally, I had a posterior baby with no epidural too - after 4 days of labour. It's just how it is! (trying to be eloquent and not managing). Solidarity sister!

  4. Love it Ann, if you feel the need to judge, at least keep control of your body language, facial expression and mouth to keep it to yourself!

  5. This debate will never end!! Sorry I'm late with this but congratulations dear ann xo

  6. Here, here!

    Or is it hear, hear!

    I don't know - how about this - bravo, and I agree!

    Well said.

    Through the sun-roof, heh. Love that description!

  7. Judgey Mcjudgers have a field day with my choices. One thing that pissed me about the whole thing though was that any woman who agreed with Kochie *must* be a bottle feeder. Ah I bottle fed and I really don't care what you do with your boobs. Your boobs, your decision.

  8. I refuse to go too Just Cuts anymore for similar reasons. The hair dressers there are total bitches, looks like it's an Australia wide thing. I hear you on the BF rant too x


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