Thursday, 29 November 2012

Readers Choice- Hijacked by the HOTH

Todays Readers Choice has been chosen by the HOTH.  He insisted I share a picture which I do admit is pretty funny although not as funny as he thinks it is!!

Also he has asked if anyone can tell him how to transfer videos from his istack (iphone and ipad)?  We want to put them on dvd or at least a usb.

That is all for today.  I am having no luck with technology this week.  Stay tuned for an epic FFS Friday tomorrow!!

Linking up with Musings of the Misguided who has the topic "Why I started my blog".  Tegan is making a poll each week on her facebook page of 3 random topics we can vote on to choose a topic for the week.  She announces the topic on Tuesday night so if you are a blogger looking for something to do on a Thursday why not play along.  Either using the voted for topic or another of your own readers choices. 


  1. Tell Mr HOTH to connect the devices to the computer. You should be able to select the drive its connected to and view any files on them (music, videos) and just move them somewhere on the PC. Hope that helps!

    PS, the pic aint that funny HOTH!!!!

  2. That is funny. For some reason I keep thinking today is Friday, so I must be as eager as that zebra lol

  3. I bet you're just loving that HOTH knows all about your blog now lol. DP thinks the Internet in general is a load of crap so thankfully no chance of him deciding he needs to have his say lol.

  4. Kind of, sort of a guest blog. Or is the HOTH your editor? The picture is silly. It makes me laugh!

  5. Haha, great photo!

    As for transferring videos, if you can get dropbox for idevices you could do it that way. That's how I get files from phone to computer and vice versa. Then you can put on DVD or usb.

  6. Maybe if the Lovely Mr HOTH bought Mrs HOTH a new computer for Christmas she could find out how to do this for him and maybe do it for him. BUT she would definitely need a new computer to do it :) x


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