Friday, 23 November 2012

FFS Friday- Do not ever say you have nothing ffs worthy.

I jinxed myself big time last week by saying not much FFS worthy stuff had gone on around here.  FFS

Friday FFS
  • It rained all day and it was cold.
  • I forgot to buy dinner for the HOTH and myself
  • I had to go to the shops when he got home, delaying Friday night drinks by at least an hour.
  • I was wearing trackies and stepped in a puddle.
  • Lucky they were not my good ones
Not much happened on the weekend except we could not resist and cracked the seal on season 4 of SOA on dvd and watched 3 episodes back to back and never went to bed until late.  The kids still got up early.  FFS

We never even started watching it until 9 as the big one kept getting up.  FFS

I can see us watching the rest of the season in record time and then face an agonising wait for season 5 to come out on dvd.  FFS

Monday-Thursday FFS
  • Another head injury for the baby on Monday 
  • He has a lovely yellow/green golf ball on his forehead plus scabs under his nose.
  • It will look lovely in the Santa photos on Saturday.
  • There were naked barbie dolls at playgroup on Tuesday.  Our playgroup is in a church hall.  Guess whose children were pointing out bottoms and boobies?
  • As a community service I tested what would happen if a bottle of soy sauce randomly falls out of the fridge door.
  • It goes everywhere.  Seriously I did a great job in the testing of this.
  • No need to try it at home folks.
  • Cleaning it up ate into my quiet time watching Jamie Oliver.
  • If I hear the words "super storm" again and its not about Hurricane Sandy I will lose it.  Summer storms are not new things and definitely not "super storm" worthy.
Lastly Telstra.  FFS
  • As you read this I will be doing battle with a large useless telco.
  • I have so far this week wasted a good 40 mins of my life dealing with them.  Its not over yet.
  • At least they called me back for a lot of this so it wasn't building up my phone bill
  • Wish me luck it could get nasty.
  • Basically I wanted to get my phone/internet up and working and keep my old number which I was told would be possible when we disconnected it to temporarily move 6 months ago.
  • I called on Saturday and after speaking to the computer and not knowing what service I was after finally got the computer to get a human to call me back.
  • Spoke to a lady, gave her my old number xxxx8546.  She had all my details, sorted me out with a new plan etc, gave me an exorbitant list of fees and charges, told me I could keep my number and told me it would take 2 business days to process.
  • I get a text message on Monday saying -welcome to telstra sucker, your new number is xxxx8456.
  • I call them straight away saying you have made a mistake I want my old number, man checks and says my old number is not in use but he can't change it as it is still being processed.  He then tells me my phone will be working on Friday between 8-12 call back then.
  • He also said it will cost $80 to change my number.  Clearly someone has made a typo somewhere.  I know this as a fact as a package from telstra turned up at my place on Wednesday addressed to John Riley. 
  • There is no one at my house called John Riley.  Not even close plus the phone is in my name.  My name is not John
  • I made my lovely delivery lady take it back so hopefully they will realise the error
Lastly the HOTH has been reading my blog after I finally told him about it and he keeps saying that I am using his material.  In particular "Bros before Hoes" from a few weeks ago.  I said that not him, The best he came up with was "a ho pushing a hoe"  FFS

He also keeps finding stupid stuff on facebook and being the smart ass that he is says "why don't you put that on your blog"  FFS

Here is an example.  FFS             stole it from here

Thats my whinging done.  Dear Baby G is awesome for having the FFS Friday link up every week.  Pop over and check out some of the other whinging!!


  1. Delaying drinks on a Friday night!! That shit is not cool. I had the same thing happen the other night. Paul forgot to bring home lemonade. He wondered why I nearly killed him. Surprisingly he got in the car and got my soft drink

    1. Far out he is a good one!! Delaying of the drinks will not happen again!!

  2. I'm with Tegan! never delay the Friday night drinks, except if you're me on a 12 week fitness binge. Not smart. We love SOA too. Have a great weekend x

    1. Best show ever!! Except for The Shield!! Good luck with the 12 week wine ban!!

  3. LOL, I LOVE your FFS posts, I actively seek them out now. If your church people complain about your children recognising anatomical parts n their playthings, point out that the Virgin Mary did actually have boobs and a bottom, as depicted in many classic pieces of religious art


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