Thursday, 22 November 2012

Readers Choice- Cleaning products and how to fold a fitted sheet

Two topics today but cleaning related so I put them together. 

Firstly the fitted sheet.  I thought I would turn to the domestic goddess herself for the answer.  Dear lord what a disaster.  I tried, I really did but it is impossible unless you are Martha or the other woman.  I can totally relate to the poor woman who could not do it!!  So I am putting the call out, can anyone actually fold a fitted sheet??!!

Second is the question of what  cleaning products I would use if I could only choose 3.  Hmmm was a tough one but i think I have it sorted. 
  • Bleach or a thick cleaning gel.  I am fine with generic brands of this.  Its not particularly good for the environment but it does a number of jobs like clean the toilet or sink really well.
  • A really good all in one spray.  I like the ones with more natural products in and due to having a small supermarket with not much choice I have been using Earth/s Choice. 
  • The rest of my cleaning supplies if I had to choose  are made up with pantry items- white vinegar and bicarb.  The vinegar can be used as a floor cleaner or diluted in a spray bottle as a window cleaner.  Bicarb is great for using as a paste on tough stains and also as a deodoriser in the fridge or kitty litter tray.

Love the topics this week, I am off now to tangle myself in a fitted sheet again just so I can say I have folded one properly!! 

Thursdays here are Readers Choice so if you have any topic you would like see please let me know!!  And for the first time this week Readers Choice is a link up over at Musings of the Misguided so head on over and see what Tegan has written about or if you are a blogger who wants to join in and link up!!


  1. Oh, my gosh! I thought I was the only one! I'm so glad to hear that others also struggle with the fitted sheet. I would be embarrassed if someone ever went into my linen closet!

    1. I know!! Mine is a shambles!! I wash and put back on the bed so I never have to fold!!

  2. I saw an awesome way to fold sheets a few months ago. The linen cupboard looked awesome. Instead of having all separate piles, they put the sheet sets together in one of the pillowcases so they were much neater.

    1. Thats a great idea, i will try that with the kids stuff!!


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