Friday, 2 November 2012

FFS friday-a rotary hoe is the devils form of torture

Last weekend I volunteered to help the HOTH rotary hoe our yard.  Front and back.  FFS

Actually he said something like "this is so easy you could do it" being a smart ass. So I did.  FFS

I hoed like a boss.  I was actually pretty good at it.  FFS

That was on Saturday.  Sunday morning I could not move my arms. FFS

By Sunday night I could not lift my arms over my head.  FFS

Monday morning I was in agony.  Mondays at our place is swimming day.  It took me 10 mins to get into my cossie and rashie.  FFS

The swimming teacher decided we had not done enough humpty freakin dumpty off the wall (sit kid on the side of the pool and pull them in then turn them around so they grab the wall) for a while so we did an extended amount.  FFS

Normally the baby climbs out on his own but this week the gorgeous lump decided he did not want to climb therefore making me lift him out over my head and onto the wall.  FFS

I feel it should be appropriate to swear at a kids swimming lesson.  FFS

It would have been a funny sight watching me try to get my wet rashie off after we had finished.  FFS

The other downside to rotary hoeing is the dirt.  Its like sand only worse.  You know how sand ends up everywhere when you go to the beach well so does dirt.  FFS

And that is almost it for me.  I have had an injury/blood free week for a change.  I may even be back in the running for mother of the year.  FFS

Apart from the big one saying "for gods sake" constantly.  FFS

I have no idea where he gets it from.  FFS

One last thing I was stoked to hear Bon Jovi are coming out next year and come hell or high water I will be there.  I will not miss out again.  FFS

Unless tickets go on sale on a Monday morning which is the only time I cannot be at the computer.  FFS

Last time they were here I was 8 months pregnant and decided I did not want Jon Bon Jovi himself delivering the baby.  FFS  (the big one was 5 weeks early and I was told I would never have a full term baby, fyi the baby was induced at 39 weeks as I had gestational diabetes so in hind sight I could have gone.  ffs)

Please no hoe jokes I think we made them all on Saturday. Like when the kids needed me it was "bros before hoes".  I am hilarious I know!!  FFS

Linking up with Dear Baby G for FFS friday!!

Working with a rotary hoe
I love the internet where you can find pictures like this!! Obviously it is not me as who the hell hoes in a skirt and smiles. FFS 


  1. Hehe Bros before Hos. DP knows I'm allergic to tools so he's happy to have me sit down with a vodka and watch him be all hot and sweaty. Not really but it's what I tell myself while I'm sipping my ice cold vodka ahah

  2. Just think about the killer toned arms you'll have. My bingo wings / tuckshop arms are insanely jealous right now.

    1. Bingo wings are still very much present!! All that hard work for nothing!!

  3. Hahaha well thats your exercise for the next year. Hope your yard turns out really nice.

    1. Thanks Salz should look good when we get it finished!! Thatwas my exercise for the year!!

  4. I was so going to make a hoe joke. But I won't.

    1. Ha we really made them all the other day!!


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