Friday, 9 November 2012

FFS Friday- Is it Christmas day today and nobody told me?

As the title says, is it Christmas today and no one told me?  FFS

Yesterday can only be described as shite house.  FFS

After my unsuccessful attempt at on line shopping I had no choice but to suck it up and go to the shops.  I had to go yesterday as it was preschool day meaning I only had 1 kid to torture with a shopping trip!!  FFS

After school drop off we hit the road and got to the shops at roughly 9.25am.  I turned into the car park and nearly drove back out.  Not a freakin car park was left.  FFS

What the hell people.  Is the world ending, is it Christmas today?  FFS

After driving around stalking people and racing other cars to the few empty spots I got one.  FFS

Go in.  Buy the baby his bread rolls.  Start filling the trolley with crap.  Baby is tired he starts whining.  Decide I got enough for one day.  Go to the check out.  ONE CHECK OUT OPEN with people lined up back through the store.  FFS

Apparently not all of the self serve ones were working either.  FFS

Another check out opens and I run for it but a lady gets there before me.  She only had a few things so no worries I thought.  FFS

WRONG.  The check out chick was commenting on and examining everything she scanned and put into bags.  FFS

Seriously, and then the lady in front of me had got something in a box so check out chick opened the box and was examining the contents.  FFS

She had three boxes and did this three times.  FFS

10 minutes later it was my turn.  FFS

I had a trolley full and she did the exact same thing to me except open the boxes.  FFS

I was silently imploding.  FFS

Was it her first day and she had never seen all the goods Kmart has to offer?  FFS

In the meantime the lady behind me was talking to the baby who kept rolling his eyes at her!!  He does this at every random stranger who talks to him.  It actually is quite funny.  The lady was very nice I got to know her well while waiting for my shopping to be scanned.  FFS

She was saying that the shops had been crazy all week.  FFS

The baby finally cracked his winning smile as we were leaving!!  I then could not face the grocery shops but did manage to go into the bottlo and got my new fave wine on special.  This is a FFS as they only had 4 bottles and it was on special.  FFS

Drove home, baby fell asleep, baby woke up when we got home and refused to go back to bed.  FFS

Luckily he likes to watch The View and Ellen.  FFS

Go to check what time my eye brow wax appointment is, turns out it was last week.  FFS

Check my lotto ticket and didn't win a cent.  FFS

Pick the big one up from school, he was asleep and not happy about being woken up.  FFS

Watch Toy Story 2 about 2 gazillion times as the remote turned up for the dvd player and I now have no excuse.  FFS

Cook dinner but not what I wanted as the supermarket was all out of everything.  FFS

Massive storm which meant one dog was barking at the thunder and one dog was hiding on my legs.  Insert 2 overtired children and what do you get?  Me locking myself in the bathroom for some time out!! FFS

Could not get the kids into bed quick enough last night!!  FFS

Other stuff from the week includes a nappy off poo everywhere scenario.  FFS

And guess which idiot ordered her children the drum kit.  FFS

Oh and 2 weeks injury free I am surely in with a chance at mother of the year??!!  FFS

Have a great weekend guys.  Linking up with Dear Baby G for the weekly whinge!!


  1. I don't know whether I should admit this,but I did have a small laugh at your long list of catastrophes.... But with you, not at you, promise! Xx

    1. Its fine to laugh!! Although I was laughing hysterically by then end of the day!!

  2. Oh man. Shopping centres seem to bring out all the douche bags. Every time I go shopping here I hate the people in this town that little bit more.

  3. Hehehe, I too have been known to hide in the bathroom for some peace.

    1. Beauty is I can lock my bedroom door and the bathroom door!!

  4. I have hit the shops twice this week at 9.30am straight after the school run. Utter chaos. I also have a baby that if she sleeps 5 mins in the car on the way home, point blank refuses to go to bed for the rest of the day.You have my sympathies.

    1. Thanks Sarah obviously this shopping business is a nationwide problem!! Aslo what is with kids thinking a short car sleep is all they need?!

  5. I'll stick to online! thanks for sharing your tragedies xx

    1. I am a very generous person, I love sharing!!


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