Friday, 16 November 2012

FFS Friday- False claims and disappointment

Its been fairly unFFS around here.  Except for the kids fighting.  FFS

From sun up to sun down its relentless.  FFS

My gripe with the world this week is a certain cafe and its crap service and products.  FFS

Its a chocolate cafe, can't remember the name and can't be bothered to google it.  FFS

Firstly, most cafes will make a kids size milkshake and put it in a takeaway cup.  Great idea.  This cafe does not.  FFS

Which meant I had to share a milkshake with the baby, in a glass.  FFS

A normal size milkshake is too big for a little kid.  Duh.  FFS

Turns out if you are a regular customer they will put it in a take away cup.  FFS

Even blind Freddy could see the milkshake was intended for a small child and still they did not offer to put some in his own cup.  FFS

Secondly, I assumed that being a shop who's main thing is chocolate the milkshake would be the best tasting thing in the world and I would have to fight the baby for it.  WRONG.  Worst milkshake ever.  FFS

I did not fight him for it.  FFS

I make a better milkshake using that quik stuff.  FFS

Thirdly if I am going to pay a ridiculous amount for a cupcake it better be the best thing in the world.  FFS

Not some stale tasteless piece of crap.  FFS

The baby loves his cupcakes and ate hardly any which is a fair indication of crapness.  FFS

This was after they forgot to bring it out to us.  FFS

In summary I will not be going back to that cafe ever.  FFS

Thats my whinge over for another week.  Linking up with Dear Baby G for some Friday whinging!!


  1. Yuck hate stale cakes. Also really hate it you get really crappy service. It just makes the whole experience shitty.

  2. I'm very glad you have had a week that is not FFS worthy, that's great!

    That cafe sounds awful, I don't blame you for not going back!

    1. Thanks I am sure this week will more than make up for it!!

  3. I get so disappointed when we go out and the service is crap as well as the food. I always think 'I can make that at home so much better'. Glad to hear your week hasn't been too rant worthy :)

    1. Thanks Sarah. I hate paying nearly $4 for a plain cupcake with yuck blue icing!! I can get a Betty Crockers cake mix and make my own for that!!

  4. I really enjoy your ffs posts.... Don't know what that's says about my personality, but meh! I'll keep on enjoying them :)

    1. Thanks!! Its nice to have a day of the week dedicated to whinging!!


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