Friday, 30 November 2012

FFS Friday- Just call me Terri Irwin

The stories I am about to tell sound so crazy and unbelievable but the are the truth.  I was there.  FFS

Let us begin with Friday arvo which at 5pm saw me unloading 60 square metres of turf off the back of a ute by hand.  FFS

It was delivered by a woman as there was no one else who could bring it as the turf company was busy.  FFS

Girl Power.  FFS

No less than 2 minutes after we had finished unloading it the HOTH got home.  FFS

After laying 60 square metres of turf the HOTH was watering out the front when a friend of his drove past and stopped for a chat.  While we were chatting out the front a random girl rides her bike down the road, stops where we are and says "do you wanna see a lizard", unwraps the lizard from the bottom of her tshirt and holds it up.  FFS

It was a water dragon that lives in the creek near our house, some other kids had picked it up and the girl on the bike was taking it back to the creek.  FFS

At least it stopped the kids from driving their trucks up and down the footpath which sounds like nails down a chalkboard.  FFS

A water dragon relaxes in a deckchair.
Not the actual lizard we saw although it was this relaxed.
430am Saturday morning the dogs start barking like maniacs.  Both the HOTH and I jump out of bed, he goes to the back door and I head for the side door as it sounds like the dogs are pulling the bin over.  FFS

I open the door and scream as there is a wallaby hopping down the side path chased by the dogs.  FFS

It sees me and pushes past me into the laundry and starts hopping up and down the hallway.  FFS

I shut myself outside but I could hear it jumping everywhere.  FFS

After an eternity the HOTH gets it to go out the front door.  FFS

It had hopped in our bedroom and knocked stuff over and left dirty marks on the wall.  FFS

I saw this sign later in the day in the window of a pub in the city!!

I have no idea where the wallaby came from.  I have only ever seen deer or rabbits in our area.  Or the odd possum.  FFS

Turns out our neighbour thought she had seen roo paw prints in her yard.  FFS

Lastly as this stuff only happens in threes on Sunday night I went to put the dogs out and feed them when a frog hopped back in with me.  FFS

I screamed again but the HOTH did not come running straight away.  FFS

5 minutes later he turns up and picks the frog up on piece of paper.  Instead of carrying it out the open back door 2 steps from him he carries it through the lounge room to put it out the front door.  FFS

It jumps off the paper into our bedroom.  FFS

5 minutes and a whole re arrangement of furniture the frog is finally caught and put outside.  FFS

Linking up the wildlife week that was with Dear Baby G!!

Next week our trip to the big smoke complete with this years Santa photo.  FFS


  1. I'm not great with animals beyond standard pets and my own children. This would be reason enough to move to a large concrete covered structure in a highly populated city. God speed.

  2. Oh my a wallaby in your house. I laughed so hard. Lets hope this week sees the wildlife stay you the wild

  3. I feel your pain about co-existing with wildlife. We get frogs in our toilet, or occasionally in the shower. They always seem to be able to scare the life out of me.

  4. When I came here in 2004 I totally expected to see wallabies hopping down streets..... Thanks for reinvigorating my stereotypical day dream :)

  5. We're going to see Santa tomorrow. Good luck and great wallaby story. :)

  6. Haha, some days you just need to go back to bed! Or eat chocolate...or drink wine.....or why not do all three, FFS!!


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