Monday, 15 October 2012

My world famous mashed potato bake!!

On Saturday I put the call out for a readers choice blog topic.  Which I will be making a regular feature on a Thursday from now on!!  Anyway the topic was paperwork/budgeting.  I hate filing etc my idea of paperwork is shove it all in a folder.  Not the best system in the world!!  However budgeting is something I am fairly good at.  So I wrote this little pearler on budgeting for the party season.  I promised to put up my world famous potato bake recipe so here it is!!

Potatoes-  I use about 1 medium potato per person and a couple of extra!!  2kgs for 8 people?
A couple of cloves of garlic
1 bunch of spring onions-  if I am making a mega size I would use 2
Grated cheese- lots of it!!
shredded ham- about 300grams again depending on the size!!

Boil and mash potatoes.  I chuck the garlic in and boil with the potatoes.
I mash mine with grated cheese, butter and milk or cream/sour cream.  It can be a little sloppy as it is going in the oven!! 
Mix in spring onions and half the ham.
Put in a baking dish and sprinkle with more cheese and the rest of the ham.
Whack it in the oven until cheese is melted.

I have made this so many times I have lost count!!  It really is easy!!  I like how it can be varied for different amounts of servings, just use less potatoes!!  If I am making a big one or feeling lazy I buy a foil tray from the junk shop!!  Also a big or longer tray is good as everyone likes the topping!!

Also when it comes time to partay I refuse to spend the whole time in the kitchen!!  I am happy to have everything prepared so I do not spend the whole time in the kitchen and this potato bake can be made hours in advance and just have the cheese and ham added when it goes in the oven!!

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Any other budgeting tips or "take a plate" suggestions are most welcome!! Photobucket

Love this song!!  It reminds me of summer!!  Not sure on the film clip though definately one for the guys!! 


  1. Thanks, I needed a recipe to spice up mash potato, can,t get Izzy to eat it. She loves bacon so I might add that instead of ham. Nickelback!!! you brought nickelback!!lol. I needed some music, good timing when I read your post :)

    1. I have another mash one for next week!! Something I haven't made for a while but should!! Bacon should work fine and Nickelback are the best!!

  2. I make something similar and it always goes down a treat. I put red capsicum (finely cut) into mine to give it a bit of colour.

    1. yum that sounds really nice problem is I am hopeless at chopping things small enough!!


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