Friday, 5 October 2012

FFS Friday- TGIF a musical edition.

Its been a long week.  FFS

Unpacking sux big time.  FFS

At least this week the kids have been contained to the backyard of dirt.  FFS

Kids, dirt and a dog bowl of water= mud.  Mud caked in hair, clothes and carpet.  FFS

The big one also needs to change his clothes every time a drop of water gets on them.  FFS

Lucky its been hot and we are back to nudey runs.  FFS

The kids that is not me.  I am about to embark on a week long detox.  FFS

Alcohol is cleansing right?  FFS

Maybe liposuction is the key.  FFS

We are still with green snot.  It is relentless.  FFS

We finally got our blinds up but not before I danced around with a wooden spoon as a microphone singing MMMMBop by Hanson.  FFS

We live on a pretty busy street and I am quite sure a gazillion people saw.  FFS

In other unrelated things if I see gangnam style one more time I will lose it.  FFS

Why does the world hate Nickelback?  I love them and make no apologies for it.  FFS

Seriously best song ever except when your 3 year old starts singing "all in balls out"  FFS

Another song added to the no play around kids list.  FFS

Why do all the knobs of the world get to interview all the cool people?  Eg the today show with Pink.  FFS

Jessie J has been song of the week here.  On repeat over and over and over.  FFS

Thats it for me I am off to shove more crap in a cupboard.  FFS

Dear Baby G
OK just to prove the universe is against me this was scheduled to post at 6am and it didn't.  FFS

I wrote it yesterday coz I am super organised like that.  FFS

Not a big deal right?  No not at all except in the 5 minutes I sat down the baby got his nappy off and did a freaking poo in the lounge room.  FFS

And stood in it and somehow his brother also managed to walk in it.  FFS

One early morning bath and half a bottle of floor cleaner all before 730am.  FFS

I am off now to drown the area in more disinfectant followed by drowning my sorrows  FFS


  1. Mornings should not start with a poofest, I hope you day has improved since then!

    I too do not understand the hatred of Nickelback, they are one of my favourite bands!

    Fingers crossed you all start to feel better soon.

    Did you know you have captcha on?

    1. Thank you so much I did not know captcha was on I thought it was switched off!!

  2. I followed your FFS link.
    I agree the morning should not start with a poofest (or crying baby, on my end).
    I love that Nickelback song! I don't know all their songs, but I like the ones I do know. :)

    1. Poo and crying babies should be banned until at least 9am!! Thanks for stopping by!!

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  4. I have so needed a FFS Link day I'll be there for this coming week!! You win for this week for sure :)
    Yes wine is cleansing x

    1. FFS is so much fun!! I am glad someone has validated the wine!!


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