Friday, 26 October 2012

FFS Friday- Thank God for tiles.

I have spent all week cleaning up after myself.  FFS

I have never dropped, spilt or knocked over so much stuff in all my life.  FFS

The computer had 2 cups of coffee this week.  FFS

Apparently it works better after a caffeine hit.  FFS

The washing machine has also been working like a champ all week.  FFS

It is lulling me into a false sense of security until just before Christmas where it will shit itself.  FFS

Every year at Christmas an appliance of ours decides to crap itself.  FFS

One year the toaster, lawn mower and dryer all the week before the happy season.  FFS

Last year the microwave right after Christmas.  FFS

Another head injury this week.  FFS

A bang followed by crying followed by a baby running out with a banged up head.  FFS

Parental parody you were so right about the head only bleeding when out in public.  FFS  ps love your new look!!

Only the tiniest bit of blood then a black eye all week.  FFS

In other news I cannot string 2 words together this week so I am off now while I am on a roll.  FFS

Oh and stupid Christmas suggestion from this week- lets have Christmas at our place.  FFS
We all got a hair cut!!

Boof's new hair cut complete with black eye.
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  1. We lose a microwave every 2 years around chrissy, no joke! Jinx on this year...

    1. Bloody appliances we cannot do without!!

  2. Glad to hear that your computer is still working. I would be lost without mine, seriously.

    1. I would be more than lost without mine!!

  3. Poor you. I'm sure they deliberately maim themselves in public. Just to keep us on our toes. As if mine need any visual back up to support the notion that I'm not the world's best parent. I've got a short video on my blog today - and of course Mstr3 has a giant sore on his head from when he tried to ride one of his sandpit toys, and went face first on the pavement. Half an hour after I scheduled the post, with the video footage - the bloody sore has finally come off his head and he looks normal again (FFS).

    My old laptop was a booze hound. One glass of bubbly and it was gone. Sadly, literally.

    As for the pre-post Xmas breakdowns....don't even get me started. I never ever host Xmas, my parents do. TWICE in the past 5 years the septic tank, beneath the very centre of the back yard....yeah that. Nothing like the smell of shit to go with your Christmas lunch. Especially in the middle of summer. That's why we're going to Bali for Xmas this year. I'll be in the pool getting hammered on every cocktail listed at the swim up bar. Hubby will be shooting me the death stare while managing the kids since I'll be too drunk. The extended family will be doing about the same. If an appliance should fail, dear vodka gods, please don't let it be my hair straightener or the TV in the kids' hotel room. Of the blender the barman uses to make the cocktails.

    1. I officially unlike you and will be cursing you from now until the whole christmas season is over!! your video is the cutest!!

  4. What is it about Christmas that makes everything break? It's as if the appliances know that you don't have any money and no-one is working!


    1. Every single year!! It is a conspiracy!!

  5. Hate it when these machines dont do what theyre supposed to ! Im whinging abt my laptop. Yours seems good - had 2 coffees in it and still going. Thats what i need to get. Mine shit itself in less than 2 yrs for no reason ffs! Oh love the pics, your kids are so cute. Look at those cheeky lttle grins xx

    1. Thanks Mandy they are extremely cute!! Lucky for them sometimes!! Bloody tecnology!!


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