Friday, 26 October 2012

I always knew I was beautiful!!

I had a pretty cool surprise on Saturday when the very funny Mrs D awarded me this wonderful award.  I now have to give you 7 facts about myself then pass it on to 15 other bloggers.

My seven facts are
  1. I am a bargain shopper.  I can sniff one out a mile off
  2. I love coffee, chocolate, wine (moscato or champange), bourban, malibu and red cordial.  But not at the same time!!
  3. I love candles and photo frames. 
  4. I absolutely love being a stay at home mum. 
  5. I cannot stand hot humid weather.
  6. I love my dishwasher and pvr
  7. Lastly I am the funniest most awesome person in the world!! 
Ok I ran out of interesting facts so I made the last one up!!

My 15 recipients in no particular order are (drum roll please)!!
  1. Make Me Up Mandy
  2. Musings of the Misguided
  3. Living The Simple Dream
  4. Little White Dove
  5. One Mother Hen
  6. Mums Take Five
  7. Beautifully Glossy
  8. K&co
  9. Salz Duumy Spit
  10. Jacana
  11. Uber Simplicity
  12. Insane Jane
  13. Mommy Chuck
  14. Bossy Mummy
  15. mummy hearts money
I have chosen these bloggers as I love reading their blogs.  Some are funny, some are packed with information, some are nice to look at, some are crafty and make me wish I was.  I always like it when a new post of theirs pops up.  It was so hard choosing 15!!

So thanks guys for sharing what you do and making me smile!!  Please do not feel pressured to play along!!


  1. Thanks for the tag! Hmm now to think of 7 interesting things about me....

  2. p.s I love malibu too! Malibu and Pineapple juice is one of my favourite drinks.

    1. I loooooooooove malibu and pineapple!!

  3. thanks for the thanks lovely ;) I love a bargain too...and chocolate & coffee..

  4. Thanks for the tag. Love your blog...your posts always make me laugh :)

  5. Hi, Thanks for the Tag lovely :) i'll be on to that this week ;)


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