Thursday, 27 November 2014

Things I Know #35- Thanksgiving

What a shitty week it has been around the globe.  I try to avoid watching the news but this week it has been unavoidable.  So much sadness and violence.  All of it completely inexplicable.  I have been counting my blessings a little more this week thats for sure.

So here is some random bits that have made me smile this week because I know how important it is to take stock of what is around you.

I won this on Facebook by guessing how much the outfit was worth.  I guessed $17 and was the first to guess correctly!!  I requested they donate it to the nearest refuge because as much as I would have liked the bag and hat I don't need them and there is someone else who does.

The tree is 10 metres tall and took 1200 hours to build. The Lego Christmas Tree we missed out on seeing.

I ended up buying these little aloe vera plants on ebay after debating whether or not too.  After a dash up to the local nursery for potting mix and the little biodegradable pots they are "hopefully" going to thrive then I can put them into bigger pots.  Fyi it is fine to send plants around NSW (not sure about interstate) and these were express posted.

Ooh look what I saw an ad for.  I love the original and this looks like a great remake.

I cracked a wally about going to bloody presentation day today as it was going to be an extra long torture session and the Kindergarten class of 2014 were performing right at the end but I chanced it and went right when I thought it was ending.  I missed their performance by about 2 minutes and was a little broken hearted until it was announced that the kindy kids were staying on the stage so parents cold take photos while the rest of the school went back to their classes.  I got to see them perform the song twice which was a lovely thing for the school to do as no one would have been able to see properly as the hall was packed and the smile on my kindy kid's face when he saw me was worth being there.  We just won't tell him I missed the main thing!!

In other news it is Thanksgiving in the US this weekend (Happy Thanksgiving) and I am seriously considering having a Thanksgiving next year with friends.  What a great idea, gathering with your nearest and dearest, eating and drinking.  There are so many awesome Thanksgiving recipes although they might not be the best to have on a summers day!!  I like the idea that it isn't about gift giving which has overtaken what Christmas should be about.  Definitely something I will look into for next year!!

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  1. Happy thanksgiving Ann x
    Aloe is great for so many things. My dad swears by it.

  2. We saw that tree last night - happy thanksgiving to you!
    In the grand scheme of things, as long as you have the photos, they won't know you weren't there (I always take photos for my working parent friends and then email them to them, so they have them, and in years to come they can say "Well who took the photo if I wasn't there?).

  3. Just as well I dropped by for the latest news here. I have been so busy that I have fallen behind on everything. I hope your aloe thrives. I should really get into gardening. I have had great successes in the past and a whole lot of failures in that department. Have a great weekend.

  4. Aww how sweet... you won and then re-donated. How beautiful and selfless♥

  5. So good of you to donate the prize to someone and how cool is that Lego Santa!

  6. The Lego Christmas tree is amazing. I'm thinking that there's now a green Lego shortage around the world though.

  7. I know that that was the end of week 8 which meant the Year 10's and 11's have finished for the year and I only have 2 weeks left!!! woot woot..

    how lovely of you to donate your winnings! good job..

  8. Oh I love the look of this Annie too! It gives me chills. I like how it hasn't been made an exact replica, it has just focused on the soul and it just looks so beautiful. It is surprisingly well cast too. I LOVE Cameron Diaz as Miss Hannigan. Absolutely perfect, I reckon.

    Thank you for linking up to #thankfulthursday. I apologise for my delay getting here. xS


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