Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Wordless Wednesday- whats on my phone

Lolly hands, a great Halloween idea!!

A fun easy craft idea for any Despicable Me/ Minion fans!!  Painted toilet roll, blue felt, bottle top and pipe cleaner- too easy!!

New Concrete

A cute candle!!

This still makes me laugh!!

Getting my Xmas bake on!!  I was tagged by Mums Take Five to play along with #widn (what i'm doing now) on instagram.  I was unpacking some shopping which included this new steamer!!

Our new house guest, lucky he is on the outside!! Finding Myself Young wanted to know what the last picture on my phone was and this was it!!

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  1. Love the minion idea. A friend's little boy is a fan, so I'm sure she'll appreciate it!


  2. I'm so making a minion out of a toilet roll!

    I still don't know where my huntsman went. It disappeared by morning so I'm just pretending its not in my house. As long as it stays out of sight and doesn't show up in bubs room I'm cool with it.

  3. So pleased the spider was outside - I would even rather a snake than a spider that size at home

  4. That spider - YUK. Congrats on the win and that glove idea was mentioned to me by a kindy mum, such a fab idea!

  5. haha love the minion craft. The concrete looks awesome, I bet you are so glad that job is done!
    Well done on the mister maker prize! I hope there are no huge spiders like that lurking at my place.

  6. Love the minion craft idea! Not so much your new houseguest though!

  7. Love the cute Candle, sure is different :)


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