Monday, 1 December 2014

Ladies who lunch and my cossies.

Ladies who lunch

<I cannot wait to be a lady who lunches.  I was quite devastated to learn that our preschool will no longer be accepting kids under 3 meaning Speedy will have to wait until his birthday to go which means in just under 2 years I will be a free woman rather than in 13 months (yes I was counting!!).  I don't mind really though!!  I don't really want time to go so quickly.

The topic of "I must confess" this week is swimwear so here is what you will find me in when I go swimming or to the beach or on holidays.

I grabbed a new cossie from Kmart last time I was there.  $15 tankini and $9 bottoms, bargain.  I got the rashie 2 years ago then found out I was pregnant so it sat in my cupboard and I kept wearing my old stretchy one!!  The boardies are a new purchase last week as my maternity ones have finally given up and have holes in them!!  The green kaftan was a pressie and I live in it when we go to the beach.

I always cover up as I burn very easily!!  Plus as Destiny's Child say my body is too bootylicious!!  The cossie bottoms are annoying as hell with the string but beggars cannot be choosers and the perfect cossie is so hard to come by.  At the moment the shops are big on one pieces which I am not.  I think I might even grab another cossie next time I am shopping as pretty soon the shops will stop selling summer stuff and move onto winter clothing while n is still hot.

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  1. Ahhh swimwear has become a nightmare area for me. I like to cover up as much as possible these days. Older, wiser and a lot less slimmer *sigh* ;-)

  2. I haven't had new togs in years! But then I haven't swum in years. And I haven't actually bought togs in decades. It'd be pretty stupid to outlay money when you run a business making sportswear and swimwear.

  3. My swimwear of choice is a tankini – covers like a one piece but more flattering on my apple shaped figure. I like to wear boardies or a sarong over the top though when I’m not actually in the water.

  4. I wear all sorts of swimwear but rarely walk around in them, that is what a sarong is for!!

  5. Love this look! I have the most gorgeous swimmers from Bikini Atoll but I'm so out of shape at the moment, that I don't think anyone will ever get to see me in them. I'm hoping to get the all clear to start back with exercise, after more than a year off but I'm a long way off being fit for swimming season.

  6. You're making me very envious with this Ann - it's winter here and the swim stuff is packed away. I have lots of bikinis, all inexpensive. I don't do one pieces either but mostly because being tall they just aren't long enough.

  7. I's coming on holiday in a couple of years so we can lunch. Awesome. I was quite impressed one of our local pubs has just put seats out the front and are serving coffee too. Tres posh.
    I was perusing swimwear at the shops last week. I am in dire need of some back burning(bikini line grooming) before I don the old cossy though.

  8. I did end up going out for new swimmers and actually tried a couple of pairs on but I still haven't graduated from my faded black Target one piece! Thanks for linking up and so sorry for taking so long to head your way x


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