Friday, 21 November 2014

Things I Know #33- Band Aid 30

Pretty much sums it up!!

This is the new version of Band Aid.  I like it!!  I like this film clip as the fairly graphic start is cut out.  It is a great version which I am sure will do extremely well..  I did think Bob could have got some more of the originals to participate again!!  I will be doing my bit and purchasing it.

Apologies now if I am not around much next week.  Next week is get all of the overseas xmas stuff sorted and sent.  I am determined to get this done and dusted by Friday.

Stay cool if you are in nsw, the next few days are supposed to be scorchers.  Pull yourself together Mother Nature there is no need for this extreme heat.

That is it for this weeks #tik.  I don't know too much obviously!!


  1. I have to admit, of the bit I heard on the radio, I wasn't exactly taken with it, but he asked all the right people to make it sell well and you know what, at least he is DOING something to help. So big kudos from me on it!

  2. The eighties girl in me still loves the original. I do think it is fabulous that they have done it again for charity, and another generation gets to love it to. Stay cool sweet mumma xx

  3. I like your Gremlins pic! How very true. Thanks for hosting. ;)

  4. I hope you get everything you need finished off for xmas Ann!

  5. Quite frankly I'm glad our heat has moved south. Not that I would wish that on anyone but I'm just so relieved it's not quite so hot up here any more.

  6. I'm only just starting to think about Christmas and honestly have no idea where to start this year. I've linked up a little post this week, it's actually tomorrow's post which hit the blog over night, an entire day early. Things I know... I'm not a fashion blogger and my blog auto scheduling is clearly on a different time frame to mine.


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