Thursday, 13 November 2014

Things I Know #32- Proud as punch

The Lounge topic this week is "your top ten proudest moments".

Here are mine for this week because I am just that awesome!!

  1. I made sure our smoke alarms were working by burning toast.  I can confirm both alarms are in perfect working order. 
  2. I made perfect soft boiled eggs.  Yes this is an accomplishment I am very proud of as I have had an absolute shocker when boiling eggs lately!!  
  3.  I resisted the urge to scream and chuck my computer/phone out of the window every time I saw some kind of crappy status update this week!!  I use bad grammar to keep you guys on your toes, think of it like a game called "How many mistakes can Ann make in one post"!!  
  4. Christmas present shopping will be completed by the end of the week.  Just some online ordering to do and I can sit back and relax.
  5. Speaking of Christmas I am going to be cooking my first ever pudding.  I will be making a test one on Sunday and cannot wait!!  I will be mighty proud if it works out!!
  6. I am so proud to say Kindy Kid caught the bus home from school this week and it was a big success.  After last weeks near disaster (looooooong story) it is all good and today he even caught the bus to school with his little friend from up the road.  I actually don't mind the drop off as all I do is slow the car down and throw him out, ok not really I do actually stop the car but we haven't had to walk him in since the start of term 2 so it isn't a big deal!!  The bus leaves about 20 minutes before we would drive to school so if he wants to catch it we will need to be out the door a lot earlier.  As the bus stop is directly across from our place this is an awesome new achievement. and my life just got a little easier a couple of days a week!!
  7. After months of the vacuum working a bit half assed I am proud to say it has been serviced and is now working like brand new.  I really should learn how to clean the filters etc!!
  8. I have been hand washing the dishes for nearly a week (after the seal on the dishwasher crapped itself), I am proud to say I have only bitched and whinged about this about 30 times a day.  Good gawd we go through some plates and cups in this house!!

 I ran out of awesome things so Proud Mary!!

Lastly, in all seriousness I am so proud to have attended our local Remembrance Day service.  It was a lovely fitting tribute to all those who have fought for our freedom.  I was so proud of my two littlest boys.  They both behaved so beautifully as did the group of kids who went from our preschool.  Next year though I will take more food and drinks and not bounce the baby up and down so much so he doesn't vomit down my top five minutes before the service ends.

I am resisting the urge to unleash a full rant about all the negative stories I have heard regarding certain groups and individuals who do not feel it necessary to mark such a special day.  Shame on them is all I have to say.

 I love this image of all the poppies surrounding The Tower of London.

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  1. I just clean the filters in my vacuum cleaner by running them under the tap...although mine is just a $50 one from Big W so if yours is a dyson maybe don't do that lol.

    Thanks for linking up with us at The Lounge!

  2. You always make me laugh Ann :-) - I have just about mastered the soft boiled egg but I'm famed for burning pizza and my all singing, all dancing Vax is gathering dust as I'm too mean to fork out to have it serviced AGAIN and it's a real pain to take to bits to unblock the 12000 places that dust and fluff get stuck in. I'm soldiering on with my 20+ year old Henry who does a great job and makes me wonder why I bought the Vax in the first place!

  3. Ann, you've just reminded me that my smoke alarms have not been cheering me on at all.
    I was particularly good at using smoke alarms when I was pregnant with my 5th. (Pop a saucepan on, take a nap!) Totally destroyed several pots. Wow about your kinder child/bus experience! Mine would never manage such a feat!

  4. If you have done all your xmas shopping you should be proud! I've done NONE!!! Eep!
    If you have to hand wash dishes, I don't think anything negative about that counts as complaining, it's just common sense...
    Proud Mary is awesome.

  5. I bought my first Christmas present - big achievement for me. And I didn't throw a tantrum when I heard my first Christmas carol at the beginning of November.

  6. Cooking the perfect soft boiled egg is a super hard thing to do so you should definitely be proud of that! :)

  7. I know how hard it is to cook soft boiled eggs - mine turn out different every single time, even if I cook them exactly the same way.

  8. So many things to be thankful for Ann! I haven't started my xmas shopping but I have thought about it...not the same though, is it? Have a great week :)

  9. Our dishwasher died almost a month ago. It needs a new motor, and this does not fit in the budget till January. So annoying and I sympathise with you. Handwashing is the pits.

    Thanks for sharing this with #thankfulthursday xS

  10. I can cook hard boiled eggs, it's just getting the shells off without destroying them is my hassle!


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