Monday, 10 November 2014

Dubai Dreaming.

Dubai Dreaming

Anna Field maxi dress
$36 -

Ted Baker outerwear
$155 -

ALDO peep toe pumps

Fringe purse

Bracelet set

Dolce Gabbana chain necklace

This weeks LBD challenge over at Ms Mystery Case is all about the competition running at the moment by a blogging agency to win a trip to Dubai.  I have to admit Dubai is not on my travel list simply because I could not handle the heat!!  I chose this outfit as Dubai has quite strict clothing requirements

Clothing: Woman's clothing may be considered indecent if it is tight, transparent, above the knee or shows her stomach, shoulders or back. Men should wear T-shirts at all times and short shorts can attract the wrong kind of attention.
Swimwear: Wearing bathers outside the beach is against Dubai's decent laws and swimsuits in general should be modest. Nudity at beaches is illegal.

I think my outfit would suit!!

In other news we finally got concrete down in our backyard and after months of having patches of dirt which was traipsed through the house having a garden with grass and no dirt will be fab!!  

We then have to finish off the last parts which I honestly cannot see happening anytime soon unfortunately!! 

Could we all please send all the positive vibes that the new seal for my dishwasher arrives sooner rather than later, 4 days of hand washing dishes has made me realise how much I love my dishwasher!!  

Last but not least, tomorrow is Remembrance Day. The two littlest and I are off to the service at our local memorial.  I was inspired to attend this year as the preschool will be taking the kids who go on a Tuesday and I think this is a great idea so we will be joining them.  I am hoping the school has a special assembly so Kindy Kid can be a part of it too.

Remembrance Day

We will remember them.

Linking up with Tegan for Sunshine Sunday and Alicia for #openslather and yes I know it is Monday however it must still be Sunday somewhere in the world!!


  1. I'm not a huge fan of Dubai either - mainly because of the heat, wind and sand. My folks stopped off there one trip to try to break the trip up but they said they wouldn't do it again.
    I'd like to win a trip to the USA so we could go and see K without trying to worry about how to pay for it !!!!!
    Have the best day - sounds like tomorrow will be an interesting day. My Gran died on 11 November 1974 - so many years ago but I still think of her when I look at my engagement ring.
    Me xox

  2. I love that Kaftan, it's gorgeous. It would be nice and cool, while still covering your shoulders too.

    Thanks for linking up with me :)

  3. I love the Ted Baker outerwear, I have never been to Dubai, don't think I would enjoy it. No dishwasher, that sucks, hope it's fixed soon x

  4. If I do end up winning the trip I will definitely be casing this cape. Just gorgeous.

  5. They're some fancy pumps, the dress is a bargain. Dubai doesn't sound like much fun with the heat and those dress laws. Unless of course you're staying in an air conditioned resort!


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