Tuesday, 25 November 2014

English, music and plants

So proud of this effort!!  What a champ.

After popping the picture of the #myfirst (a cool competition Blah Blah Magazine is running at the moment to win some Lego!!) Christmas card that Kindy Kid has written this year it lead (there is another one!!)to a conversation about just how ridiculous the English language actually is.  Beat/beet, peek/peak, kinder, minute, through, rough, bough, tear, wonder, peek are examples of what was making me bang my head against a brick wall.  Also live which is a flash card I picked up off the floor that made my blood boil even more.  Gawd English language sort your shite out.  Even as I think about it again there are more for example bear/bare.

Special thanks to Blah Blah Magazine and Muddle Headed Mamma for annoying the bejesus out of me with some of these examples!!

I am loving this song.  I love this lyric video, all the handwriting is awesome!!  I love Nickelback and still don't know why the world hates them??

Loving the new Bush!!

I can see my Friday being spent going to a shopping centre with a record shop to buy the new accadacca cd.  I can see by Monday morning the cd will be thrown from a moving car under a garbage truck or it won't work anymore from being worn out!!  Should I be forced to go to the shops with 2 children I will be rewarding myself with a medal and wine!!

One of the funniest things I have seen in ages.  If you have a Lab or Retriever you will appreciate this!!

A question to round out this random #ibot- Have any of you purchased plants online for example on ebay??  I really want some Aloe plants but the only way I am able to get it is if I buy online.  I am a little sceptical.

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  1. I've not bought plants online??? I have got a mass of things off ebay and only 2 go bad...I also look at the ratings and how long they've been on ebay...I'm sure if it's pick up, it will be fine...

  2. How strange. I've never bought plants online, but I guess it could work. That company could have a niche market and be onto the next big thing. The English language is a tricky one. Trying to explain it to kids is definitely a lot of fun :/

  3. OMG that video of the dogs is funny. Toby would eat spaghetti like that. I swear he doesn't even taste half the stuff he eats. It's gone before his taste-buds have a chance to register.

  4. I didn't even know you could buy plants online!
    The english language is absurd, and even more so when kids start spelling and they do it phonetically and you realise how weird it is how we spell things!

  5. Hmmm I didn't know you could buy plants online. I'd give it a go though! Most things are bought online these days. As for the English language it can be confusing can't it? I think it's one of the hardest languages to learn in the world!

  6. I'm so thankful to be a native English speaker, it must be such a pain to learn later in life! As for plants online - I ordered 25 mock orange seedlings about 3 years ago, which we then planted as a hedge out the front of our yard. They're doing well and it was heaps cheaper than buying from a nursery, so I say GO FOR IT!

    Visiting today from #teamIBOT xxx

  7. Haha the dogs eating spaghetti is hilarious. Typical lab!

  8. wait/weight, breathe, read, waist/waste - I'm sure I could go on if I could be bothered.

    Never bought plants online, but I'd be super sceptical too.

  9. LMAO - that retriever rocks, long haired and all, that is my dream dog. I had one when I was a nanny in NY. I don't do plants, sadly they all die just by looking at me!

  10. Labradors a walking barking vacuum cleaners thats so funny. I have the grand sum of one plant it died but miraculously brought it back to life. we read a book last night with Mr 4 and the saying "your pictures broke the ice" I found it really hard to explain the figurative speech!

  11. ZOMG there's a new Bush album?!? Time to head to my underground bunker. See you in 2018.

  12. I don't understand the nickel back hate either. Maybe it's because they are one if the few bands without a major scandal?

  13. Ann, I love Nickelback too, and could never work out why the haters!!
    I say go for the plants, because everyone seems to have an online outlet these days. If it's pick-up there shouldn't be any dramas, surely?
    That lab made me laugh so much! We had one growing up, and this was her all over xx


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