Friday, 25 October 2013

Things I Know/FFS Friday- Sooky lala

The Bad

It has been a long week here.  Visitors, a cranky baby and a few hot days and it is Friday again.

I have not had 5 minutes all week to do anything.

I really should not be on the computer now as I have a house that looks like a bomb exploded in it.  However I have hit the jackpot with 3 sleeping children so I am making the most of the silence.

Mother Nature must have stopped reading my blog as the weather has been shocking.  A big dump of rain would be great please.

My brain is so frazzled I cannot think of anything that happened this week to complain about, believe me there is stuff.

The Good

Monster Jam was awesome.  We had the best time and cannot wait until next year!!

It is Friday aka ciderday.  Cheers!!

Tomorrow is our local fair day.  Looking forward to junk food and show bags and doing some shopping.

Speedy is 12 weeks old today and slept through the night on Wednesday.  He couldn't back it up last night but I will take it as a win!!

The frazzled brain cannot think of the good stuff!!

That is it for me, I will be back properly next week after a forced week off of blogging!!  I have really missed it this week.

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After weeks of hearing this song and not knowing what t was called I finally found it, I may have done a slight happy dance!!. I have made it song of the week!!


  1. Hope the rains come soon, I know how horrid it can be waiting for that wet stuff. Yay for a night of unbroken sleep! Well done speedy. Thanks for joining in #thingsiknow again

  2. Sleeping through the night at 12 weeks is huge! And if Speedy's done it once, he can do it again. Hope springs eternal.


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