Friday, 4 October 2013

FFS Friday/ Things I Know- Its just a phase

This week it has not taken a lot to really irritate me.

Keyboard warriors with nothing better to do on facebook was one of them.  Seriously if you don't have anything nice to say then shut up.  Or at least try and put things in a tactful way.

The shops being bombarded with Christmas stuff is another.

Luckily I have cancelled Christmas and 2 naughty kids are not getting anything.

Thank goodness this is the last week of school holidays.

Another example of stupidity is the fact the free magazine from the supermarket has a recipe for fairy bread in it.  If you need a recipe for fairy bread then there is a serious problem.  Maybe because it was cut out with cookie cutters that made it more tricky.

A short FFS list this week as I have done nothing other than feed a non day sleeping baby.  If I hear the words "wonder weeks" again I will spit chips.  I had never heard that before last weekend and it has cropped up a gazillion times since then.  I never even got to blog on Tuesday or Thursday even though I had Tuesdays ready to go. I have been repeating the mantra "its just a phase" over and over again.

There have been a few highlights though.  I managed to get my hands on a double pram.  My life just got so much easier.  It wasn't exactly what I wanted but the price was right!!

The 4 year old had his first "play date" (I hate that term but thats what it is called apparently) at his friends house on Monday and then his friend came over here on Tuesday.  It made me so happy and a little sad to see how grown up he is now.  It also became apparent that I need a 7 seater car!!

Apart from that it has been the same old around here.  At least it is Friday which is cider day woohoo!!  And a long weekend double woohoo!!  Oh and I still cannot find the panadol from last week.  Gawd knows where it has gone!!

Linking up for the weekly whinge with Dear Baby G and Things I Know, which in my case is not a lot at all with A Parenting Life.

Have a great long weekend guys.


  1. I had never heard of wonder weeks either until a few months ago. Thankfully not when mine were little cause I probably would have been pretty annoyed too!
    Hope your week gets better. Missed you Tuesday xx

  2. Oh tell me about it with the keyboard warriors with nothing nice to say. I haven't been involved personally but some of the tripe I have read this past few weeks really makes me wonder what is with some people.

    Your comments about the wonder weeks made me laugh. I was never much of a fan of them myself. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses lovely and thanks for joining in #ThingsIknow

  3. Yay for cider day - I am looking forward to having one of those later myself! Hoping things settle down for you soon Ann!

  4. Have you checked the freezer, or the bins for your panadol. Yes I think you will need a 7 seater, sorry xxx

  5. OMG I'm officially old! I have no idea what a wonder week is. Why do things have to keep changing? I've only just learned about Twittering and Snapchatting and sexting and now I have to learn more new stuff.

  6. Wonder weeks, pfft. Drive your mother up the wall weeks lol. It is true in a way though, and I know you don't want to hear it, but they do come out of them with a new wonderful skill or seem like having grown overnight. At least the panadol has a child proof lid! Summer went through a phase of throwing our stuff in the bin, it maybe in there, or under someones bed, that's a usual place where little buggers go to 'quietly play' with stuff :)

  7. Yeah the wonder weeks theory can well and truly bite me... going out in sympathy with the feeding!! Here's hoping now school's gone back you're getting at least a smidgin of respite!!
    Tara @Hand Me My Sanity


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